Back to Basics with Primix Publishing’s Billboard Advertising

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Primix Publishing has launched its newest marketing service, Billboard Advertising. Although billboards seem old school, the billboard industry is actually growing.

Authors continue to use billboards because it is still a very effective marketing tool.
Primix Publishing aims to help authors drive book sales through billboard advertising. Self-published authors can create awareness about their work and leverage sales through this form of advertising.

With large posters displayed on elevated boards where there is high traffic, billboards are strategically placed where it is visible to motorists and pedestrians. The billboards will be advertised in major cities across the United States. Authors get static (printed) and digital/video/LED billboards with bold and relevant designs made by the Primix Publishing Design Team. Billboards are huge and loud. Potential readers need to know your book exists. As a result of seeing a billboard ad, about 58% of people search the web. This increases website traffic to an author’s website to learn more about their book, and a way for people to purchase and download it.

This marketing service is cost effective. Not only it is a great way to feature your work and reach a large audience, billboards can be made to fit any marketing budget. Billboard advertising also works well when combined with other marketing services Primix Publishing offers. The self-publishing company’s Marketing Consultants can readily recommend which marketing services can go with Billboard Advertising, depending on your book needs.

Besides increased exposure, billboard advertising is constantly available. It may seem old-fashioned for most, but making the most on marketing, billboard advertising, is a great option.

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