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Bambuser Adds Features to Enhanced Live Video Shopping Experience

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Interactive live video streaming provider Bambuser today announced the addition of several new features to the company’s Live Video Shopping platform. The new capabilities enable retailers to drive deeper customer engagement and maximize the impact of their live streaming e-commerce initiatives, both during and after the events.

Major feature enhancements include:

  • Multi-domain broadcasting: Increased abilities for multi-location retailers to easily offer location-based live experiences for a single stream. For example, a show can be hosted on a .com domain in English with prices in USD, but when accessed from the retailers’ .fr domain, the content will be in French and Euros. With this capability, the retailer gets more value from one stream while maintaining a uniform customer experience and more of potential audience can participate in the experience without issues like language barriers.
  • More direct audience engagement in chat: Makes Live Video Shopping more conversational by allowing retailers to quote and respond to audience posts, which enhances the sense of connection between retailer and shopper.
  • Closed captioning (CC): Enables retailers to make Live Video Shopping experiences accessible to people with hearing loss, a particularly important feature for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in the U.S.

The update also includes a simplified process for sharing, which makes it easier for shoppers to invite friends to live streams and recorded shows via social media, email and SMS, and “pinned comments,” which allow retailers to promote specific content and products in chat.

Bambuser is also launching functions that help retailers maximize the long-term value of Live Video Shopping, with more robust reporting and less administrative burden. The platform’s customer-facing performance monitoring dashboard has been redesigned for ease of use. Furthermore, Bambuser added a new feature that offers auto-play calls to action (CTAs) as well as a ready-made archive where shows are automatically saved and organized so they can continue to be beneficial long after the live event concludes.

Live Video Shopping is increasingly popular for good reason – it’s very effective. Still, it’s important that retailers keep control of their brand experience and customer relationships. That’s why Bambuser is focused on bringing to market the best solutions for engaging customers and driving sales with live streams in their own environments,” said Jesper Funck, Chief Product Officer at Bambuser. “We are committed to remaining at the forefront of technology enabling the future of shopping and continuing to help retailers and brands convey their personalities and sustain differentiation, ultimately protecting them from commoditization.

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