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BB Interwebs Digital Marketing Entrepreneurs Announce the Unprecedented Web Domain for Sale at $30 Million

Election.com Poised to Break Domain Sales Records in the Political Landscape
BB Interwebs Digital Marketing Entrepreneurs Announce the Unprecedented Web Domain for Sale at $30 Million

The domain name Election.com is currently on the market for the first time in 14 years. Priced at $30 Million, the sale is set to break records, and will be in the top 5 publicly known domain sales to date. In the collective 35 years entrepreneurs Bryan Fikes and Bryce Young have spent in the internet technology sector, they have created, marketed and managed over 5500 websites and domains. However, they have never represented such a historically relevant and potentially high-grossing space as Election.com. Total political searches are over a quarter billion annually, with nearly one million daily searches just containing the word ‘election.’ Election.com is considered a ‘category killer domain’ creating a competitive advantage to companies in, or who wish to enter the political arena. “Users will know what they are going to find before even visiting and will have immediate trust due to solid name recognition. They will think they have been to the site, even if they haven’t. We have bought, sold and developed thousands of domains yet this is the single largest we’ve had the honor to represent,” said Fikes. For more information and for inquiries visit www.election.com or call 415-226-9672.

“The owner of this domain will be positioned to be a major player and have a prominent voice in politics for 2020 and beyond,” says Young. To date, a few of the highest publicly-disclosed domain sales were LasVegas.com at $90 million, followed by CarInsurance.com ($49.7 million), Insurance.com ($35.6 million) and most recently, Voice.com ($30 million) the top 30 domains ever sold can be found here.

With the 2020 U.S. elections looming and spending expected to exceed $10 billion, there is a lot more than recognition and web traffic to be gained from this acquisition. Originally registered in 1995, Election.com is parked and a virtual blank canvas for the buyer.

About BB Interwebs
BB Interwebs is a performance based digital marketing company focused on lead generation across multiple sectors and vertical markets. Founders and entrepreneurs Bryan Fikes and Bryce Young now present Election.com, the future go to source for information on elections, politics, measures, propositions and more at the local, state, country and world- wide levels.

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