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Beeswax Becomes the First Programmatic Buying Solution

Unique integration between Beeswax's Bidder-as-a-Service™ technology and Operative's publisher-facing order management system breaks barriers between traditional and digital media channels, allowing for simplified workflows and more efficient execution

Beeswax (“www.beeswax.com”), the industry’s only custom programmatic buying platform, today announced a robust integration with Operative, an advertising management platform used by leading publishers around the world. Beeswax’s explosive expansion in the traditional media and television segment spurred the integration, making it the first programmatic buying solution to offer the service.

Today, linear television’s massive audience scale, coupled with connected TV’s accelerating adoption, has prompted traditional media companies to look to digitally-streamed content as an extension of their traditional tv deals. By integrating their Bidder-as-a-Service™ technology with Operative’s publisher-facing order management system, Beeswax enables these companies to bundle their linear and digital inventory far more efficiently. Where previously siloed traditional and digital execution systems hindered publishers from delivering unified media buys to their advertisers, Beeswax’s partnership with Operative empowers major media companies to package both programmatically-acquired supply and owned-and-operated inventory, within a single workflow.

“We’re excited about our partnership with Beeswax, as it enables our traditional media customers to evolve and adapt to the ever-expanding media landscape,” says Lorne Brown, CEO of Operative. “The reduced complexity of using programmatic technology to automate the booking and execution of media buys across premium digital video inventory and addressable traditional media empowers sales teams to significantly grow their efficiency, ultimately allowing them to operate at scale and drive greater business impact.”

The Beeswax and Operative partnership marks a major industry milestone in the continued effort to bridge the gap between traditional and digital media channels. And as audiences continue their media balancing act between traditional and connected channels, integrations that help advertisers more efficiently reach consumers wherever they’re engaging will become increasingly crucial.

“Our platform was intentionally built to be as flexible as possible. It allows companies to evolve with the landscape, enabling both technical and data integrations to be implemented in short order,” says Ari Paparo, Beeswax’s CEO. “Programmatic continues to grow at incredible scale in all channels, and the typical one-size-fits-all DSPs have a hard time meeting the demands and requirements of the unique needs of diversified business use-cases across multiple channels.”

To date, Beeswax’s Bidder-as-a-Service™ platform has been adopted by over 70 ad tech companies and marketers. In addition to recently raising $15M in Series-B funding, the company recently announced partnerships across the connected TV and digital video marketplace with Tru-Optik, SpotX, and Telaria.

About Beeswax
Founded by a team of former Google and DoubleClick advertising leaders, Beeswax is pioneering the industry’s first Bidder-as-a-Service™ (“BaaS”). Programmatic digital advertising remains an exciting and innovative arena, and the smartest buyers require technically-sophisticated, highly customizable solutions. We believe that using an RTB bidder should be as easy as using any part of the marketing cloud.

About Operative
Operative accelerates revenue growth for the biggest and most successful media companies, making it easy for them to deliver any audience and any outcome to their buyers. Operative gives media companies the power of an open, data-driven and highly configurable architecture that works across all linear, digital, and cross media and converged deals. A trusted partner to top global media, more than 300 companies across 25 countries, including NBCUniversal, ABC, AT&T, STARZ, Star India, and Sky, rely on Operative. More than $40B in ad revenue is managed through our platform annually. Operative is the revenue accelerant for converged media companies. For more information, visit www.operative.com

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