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Bloomberg Second Measure Expands Transaction Dataset Offering

Launches new and exclusive consumer transaction dataset to enhance investment decisions
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Bloomberg Second Measure, a leading provider of transaction data analytics that reliably delivers valuable insights into company performance and consumer trends, announced today that it has launched a new and exclusive transaction dataset. The dataset derives aggregated analytics and insights from billions of purchases, which come from a U.S. consumer panel that includes 20+ million members. Additionally, Bloomberg Second Measure is introducing 3-day lag—offering unparalleled speed—to power faster decision making.

Products built from this panel include bulk data feeds as well as a web-based application. These are the first milestones in a series of upcoming product and feature releases based on the new dataset.

Clients rely upon Bloomberg Second Measure’s proprietary analytics for daily tracking of thousands of public and private companies. Investors can validate investment theses, track company performance intra-quarter, gain industry insights, and identify fast-growing consumer companies. Consumer brands can gain competitive intelligence, determine growth strategies, and analyze consumer spending patterns. These insights complement Bloomberg’s company fundamentals and market data.

Jacob Boerema, CEO of Bloomberg Second Measure, noted, “Our vision, as one of the pioneers in alternative data, has always centered around supercharging our users’ existing research processes. The addition of this new and exclusive dataset allows us to provide clients with new analytics and a unique signal on consumer spending, at a faster speed.

The demand for alternative data is rapidly growing as investment firms evolve their investment processes to incorporate more quantitative strategies. Firms are expanding their capabilities and demanding high quality data and sophisticated products to meet their growing needs.

Bloomberg is further investing in innovation to support investment firms’ evolving needs for alternative data, and Bloomberg Second Measure is central to our strategy within consumer alternative data.” said Shawn Edwards, Chief Technology Officer at Bloomberg. “Bloomberg is committed to bringing novel data and products to the market.”

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