Blue Horseshoe Announces B2B e4Ccommerce Essentials

Activate B2B sales channel leveraging the Microsoft Azure Platform
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Fast-moving changes in buying patterns are driving manufacturers and distributors to reinvent their customers’ purchasing and shipping options quickly. In a March survey by the Institute for Supply Management, almost 75% of companies reported supply disruption, and 44% of the companies didn’t have a plan to deal with disruptions resulting from COVID-19 martech news.

To help manufacturers and distributors meet customer demands, Blue Horseshoe Solutions, in partnership with Evenica Corp., is launching e4Commerce Essentials. This e-commerce and shipping platform can activate a new sales channel in under eight weeks. For manufacturers and distributors, this means a fully functional B2B e-commerce site can be ready in less than two months.

“e4Commerce Essentials allows distributors and manufacturers to quickly pivot and bring more automation to their service/delivery model,” explains John Foster, CTO of Blue Horseshoe. “This solution accelerates the channel creation and shipping without added burden to businesses actively managing supply chain disruptions.

Using Microsoft Azure, e4Commerce Essentials provides an end-to-end e-commerce solution that supports purchasing, customer service, and product delivery. It combines Evenica’s e-commerce platforms with Blue Horseshoe’s logistics capabilities to create a quick-to-deploy sales channel with fulfillment and delivery.

Ecommerce Essentials

“These extraordinary times require speed and agility to adapt to changing market needs,” states Michael Bolton, President of Evenica, “The current environment is mandating the need for a frictionless digital sales channel that allows customers to find products, place orders, and track shipments. e4Commerce Essentials leverages the power of Microsoft Azure for rapid and full-featured deployment.”

e4Commerce Essentials provides customers with a secure ordering process with options to connect with agents or use self-serve tools. In addition to a product catalog, customers will have access to order tracking, delivery, and order history. Features include:

  • Account creation, management, and analytics
  • Simplified customer account creation process
  • Product information management
  • Product catalog
  • Marketing automation
  • Order placement and fulfillment process management
  • Pick, pack and ship options
  • Customer service

Rapid Deployment

Rapid deployment is guided by e-commerce and supply chain experts. e4Commerce Essentials can be deployed quickly and remotely. The process includes:

  • Discovery
  • Design and Plan
  • Implementation
  • Testing & Go-live Prep
  • Go-Live
  • User Training

Built on Microsoft Azure

e4Commerce Essentials is built and deployed on Microsoft Azure. Azure gives you secure and scalable cloud resources without the need to invest in or manage on-premises infrastructure. As online sales channels grow, Azure scales to meet demand.

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