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Board Announces Strategic Partnership With Voiant

Board partners with Voiant Group to drive Intelligent Planning Solutions for Sales Performance Management

Board, a leading global provider of Intelligent Planning Solutions which help organizations plan smarter, enabling actionable insights and better outcomes, today announced a strategic partnership with Voiant Group, a leader in the provision of technology solutions and professional services to improve planning, operations and performance in Sales departments.

“Voiant has been helping clients improve Sales Performance Management (SPM) for decades, by bringing a client-focused, practical and collaborative approach to solve performance, operational and strategic challenges for visionary sales leaders,” said Louis Peacock, Chief Customer Officer of Board. “The combination of Board’s industry-leading Intelligent Planning solutions, together with Voiant’s SPM expertise, will deliver transformative sales leadership capabilities for visionary organizations across multiple industries.”

The strategic partnership between Board and Voiant aims to connect Sales and the Office of Finance to positively impact organizations by delivering:

  • Sales force agility and product alignment at the pace demanded by visionary leadership in a constantly evolving business landscape
  • Collaboration and integration across core sales functions and applications, including CRM, ERP and SPM systems, and integration of these with best-of-breed, cloud-based financial planning and analysis applications
  • Harvesting and transforming sales, finance and operational data into a single source of truth for strategic business intelligence
  • Delivering better sales technology for planning, quota and territory management, as well as sales enablement, incentive compensation and performance reporting

“Planning, modeling and implementing cloud-based solutions that automate business processes are Voiant strengths, and they align perfectly with Board’s focus on smarter planning and achieving full control of business performance,” says Bill Sorenson, CEO, and co-founder of Voiant. “Powerful digital transformation begins with unlocking actionable insights from data, which provide a real-time, single version of performance. Voiant’s partnership with Board ensures that crucial data is harnessed with intelligent and integrated planning solutions for the world of Sales and connecting strategic and operational functions, including the Office of Finance.”

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