Boathouse Group Tapped by Cronin Group for Communications Services

Boston Developer Selects Fast Growing Strategic Communications Arm of Integrated Marketing Agency for Earned Media and Social Engagement Services
Boathouse Group

Boathouse Group, a leading provider of integrated marketing and communications services today announced it has been selected by Cronin Group, a premier Boston-based development firm, to provide earned media and social engagement strategy services. Boathouse, which specializes in the application of AI-informed, narrative engagement is experiencing rapid growth in its strategic communications practice with new clients in technology, healthcare, higher-ed and construction.

Boathouse recently expanded its footprint to Washington DC and Palo Alto CA, and its services in strategic communications, public relations and social marketing. The expansion is part of founder and CEO, John Connors’ vision to deliver campaigns and outcomes that drive business outcomes by creating and strategically disseminating narratives that engage people where they live and work. The company uses a suite of artificial intelligence products to better understand conversations framing key issues and leverages this data to more effectively establish and control narratives on behalf of its clients. The company executes campaigns – either independently or in concert – across four practices: advertising, strategic communications, digital acquisition and social engagement.

“We are excited to be working with Cronin Group, which has a tremendous story to tell,” said Peter Prodromou, Founder and President of Boathouse Group’s Strategic Communications Unit. “This is a company that is helping to transform the Boston skyline and life experience with its work. It is currently transforming the waterfront with the addition of new life sciences laboratory space adjacent to a refurbished dry dock – one of only four remaining on the eastern seaboard – and neighborhood access, through the launch of a shuttle to the city’s Nubian Square.  Equally important, Cronin is focused on the issues defining the current and future business and social compact – creating high paying jobs and opportunity with things like the dry dock and training in crucial trades, through its partnership with Madison Park High School, among other things. This is the kind of narrative we love to help communicate.”

Prodromou joined Boathouse in 2022 after having led a global public relations company and, later, a web development company. He has a diverse background in public relations, social media marketing, digital engagement and business strategy. Boathouse is tapping this expertise to fuel growth in strategic communications, something its clients are demanding more often from a long-trusted advisor.

“Peter and his team are unlocking new growth opportunities and tremendous client experience across a range of vertical segments,” commented Boathouse Group Founder and CEO, John Connors. “He is also leading the growth of our west coast presence in our recently established Palo Alto office. We see this capability and regional expansion as part of a holistic strategy to drive growth in 2023 and beyond.”

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