Chatbots, Conversational AI announced the launch of Generative Action

Major Update Rebuilds Platform Around GenAI, Reduces Risk With Slate of Safety Features, a leading conversational AI (CAI) solution provider, announced the launch of Generative Action, the latest in a series of innovations to advance their platform’s Generative AI (GenAI) capability. Building on LLM-enriched functionality launched last year, Generative Action enables the use of GenAI-enabled virtual agents (VAs) with the safeguards necessary for operation in customer-facing, and highly-regulated environments. With multiple guardrails at the local and topic levels, users can accelerate customer experience automation, providing richer, hyper-personalized interactions without onboarding unnecessary risk.

This new approach to conversation experience cements’s commitment to responsibly empowering organizations with a generative-first approach to customer service, pairing the best safety practices of traditional CAI with the potential of generative technology. Users can now automate an estimated 80 to 90 percent of inbound inquiries and raise overall customer satisfaction.’s enhanced architecture is a fundamental safeguard, permitting enterprise control of GenAI at multiple points of operation at a time when only 25% of organizations are either highly or very highly prepared to manage the risk and governance associated with it.

“As financial institutions and other service providers explore AI with more urgency, they must onboard technology at a rate that keeps pace with innovation and yields tangible results. Targeted process improvements produce both short-term gains and opportunities for longer-term transformation,” said Jerry Haywood, CEO of “At the same time, addressing the limitations of generative AI is critical to realizing its business potential. As contact centers grow more dynamic, we’re excited to continue offering enterprises responsible, risk-free AI solutions that make an immediate impact.”

Generative Action encompasses several improvements enriching CX capability, content management, risk management, and other technical upgrades. Enterprises can maintain complete control of automated conversation with:

  • Custom or pre-built guardrails, the capability to re-use them globally within the platform, and topic-level control of any acceptable level of risk.
  • Centralized knowledge, ensuring virtual agents use approved sources, minimizing time to market, and retaining industry-specific knowledge based on multiple supported formats (URLs, HTML, images, docx, PDF, and .txt.).
  • Oversight of knowledge management to minimize risk of hallucination while retaining full-context, human-like conversations.
  • API hooks to deliver enriched conversations that provide complementary data/info obtained from APIs.
  • Action Hooks to seamlessly trigger predefined flows around sensitive actions, increasing VA functionality in high-stakes interactions without losing control.

“Generative Action signifies a major step forward for our platform, strengthening ways our customers manage GenAI and LLMs without limiting their promise. As we approach the generative-first era, providing guardrails at the topic level ensures maximum control in the moments it matters most,” said Rasmus Hauch, Chief Technology Officer of “These features provide a more seamless end-user experience, faster setup, and fortify what we can deliver through generative and controlled responses, while also retaining the visibility and control our customers need to ensure minimal risk.”

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