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BEN announced partnership with OSF HealthCare

AI assistants will train healthcare providers on patient assessments and support information collection for diagnoses

Brand Engagement Network (BEN), an emerging provider of personalized customer engagement AI, and OSF HealthCare, an integrated health system caring for patients throughout Illinois and Michigan, announced a pilot partnership that will bring BEN’s AI assistants to certain healthcare providers’ facilities to help enhance simulated training operations in the continuing education of medical professionals.

This partnership will address today’s challenge where traditional chatbots have limited conversational skills and capacity, as well as a limited base knowledge of healthcare diagnoses and protocols. OSF HealthCare, which Fortune named one of the Most Innovative Companies in 2023, possesses deep expertise in industry-leading patient care. Together, OSF HealthCare and BEN will develop AI assistants that provide a more dynamic, adaptive and thorough training experience for Advanced Practice Provider (APP) primary care fellowship participants. The partnership will also serve as an opportunity to demonstrate that conversational AI can provide an enhanced patient experience in real-world healthcare.

“We’re excited to work with OSF HealthCare piloting our AI technology in medical professional and continuing education settings,” said BEN Chief Executive Officer, Michael Zacharski. “BEN’s goal is to create rich and engaging customer experiences and empower organizations with new tools that can accelerate business productivity and efficiency with our AI technology. This collaboration with OSF HealthCare brings voice powered AI Assistants to the forefront, benefitting medical professionals in a way that directly translates to improved patient experiences in everyday healthcare environments.”

“At OSF HealthCare, we’re constantly seeking to improve the experience and outcomes for patients who visit our facilities across Illinois and Michigan,” said Dr. John Vozenilek, Chief Medical Officer, Innovation and Digital Health at OSF HealthCare. “We trust BEN’s proven AI technology will provide the kind of accurate, conversational training that historically could only be provided by one-on-one interactions and discussions. Ultimately, this will enable OSF HealthCare to train more medical professionals on higher standards of patient care.”

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