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GPTBots.AI unveils Asia’s First “On-premise AI Bot Platform”


GPTBots.AI, the AI bot creation platform of Aurora Mobile Limited, introduces a groundbreaking AI Bot Development Platform, empowering businesses to effortlessly custom-build and train their own exclusive AI bots. Distinguished as Asia’s inaugural “on-premise AI bot development platform”, GPTBots.AI mitigates the risk of data breaches by using third-party AI platforms. By simply uploading their proprietary data to the knowledge base and connecting to large language models (LLM) of their choice, enterprises can seamlessly train the bots through interactive chatting. The versatility of these AI bots spans across a broad spectrum of applications, encompassing translation services, customer engagement, personal assistance, and knowledge retrieval, among others.

In the era dominated by Large Language Models (LLMs) and AI Generated Content (AIGC), they are real forces to fuel smart industry transformation and reshape business landscapes globally. Yet, concerns surrounding data security and privacy continue to impede the widespread adoption of AI innovations among enterprises.

Responding to the escalating calls for stringent data safeguarding and personalized services, GPTBots.AI proudly unveils the long-anticipated “on-premise AI bot platform”, heralding a significant stride towards the secure integration of AI solutions within enterprises’ secure internal environments. This pioneering platform endows enterprises with unprecedented autonomy, governance, and flexibility in the customization, training, and integration of AI bots with various applications, ultimately optimizing operational efficiency and enhancing user engagement.

GPTBots.AI supports a diverse array of open-source LLM, multi-modal LLM, Embedding, vector databases, ASR, and TTS services, catering adeptly to a multitude of business scenarios. Employing state-of-the-art vector retrieval technology, our solution offers multi-route knowledge recall and rearrangement capabilities, facilitating swift access to critical information and optimizing search efficiency.

Drawing inspiration from the strengths of Aurora Mobile, the parent Nasdaq-listed company headquartered in Shenzhen, with over a decade of unparalleled proficiency in elevating customer service standards, GPTBots.AI helps enterprises plug-and-play our cutting-edge “on-premise AI bot platform” as our unwavering commitment to data security and service excellence. We firmly believe this pioneering platform will play a key role in accelerating enterprises’ AI adoption, business innovation, and service quality and data security improvement to strategically bolster and sustain their competitive advantages.

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