Customer Experience, Service & Success announced the launch of its RevOps MasterClass announced the launch of its RevOps MasterClass, a comprehensive set of courses designed for sales, marketing, and customer success operations professionals to master the art of revenue operations. The program’s initial lineup of contributors includes some of the most experienced operations leaders, and will continue to grow with new course materials in 2024.

A Curriculum Rooted in Real-World Practices

The course covers six critical areas of operations: Revenue Operations, Sales Operations, Marketing Operations, Customer Success Operations, Data Management & Analytics, and Systems & Tools. Amit Sasturkar, CEO and Co-Founder of, said, “This course is about applying what works in the real world. We focus on practical information that professionals can use to make an immediate impact in their organizations.”

Why Choose’s RevOps Masterclass

RevOps Masterclass is tailored for those ready to excel in RevOps, providing a seamless transition for professionals in adjacent roles, a systematic learning experience, and a premium educational opportunity at no cost. “We’re committed to sharing our expertise with future RevOps leaders without the barrier of fees,” Sasturkar adds.

Expert Insights for Effective Organizational Design

Instructors like Matt Durazzani, Chief Revenue Officer at Olumo and former global ops leader at DOMO, MX and Orbus, bring a wealth of real-world knowledge to the program. “Through these courses, I’ve poured in decades of knowledge, aiming to demystify the complexities of RevOps. I designed my sessions with a clear intent: to arm professionals with actionable insights,” Durazzani says, ensuring participants understand how to shape teams for success.

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