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Bounteous Launches AI-Driven Personalization with Acquia

Introducing a data-driven approach to power deeper personalization at scale to optimize digital marketing ROI
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Bounteous announced it is collaborating with digital experience company Acquia to deliver personalization at scale. This new offering will create truly connected and individualized experiences with customers to increase loyalty and conversion.

The solution leverages artificial intelligence to help marketers create a sense of intimacy with their customer base, building loyalty, confidence, and joy in buying. In combination with the Acquia Open Digital Experience platform, and Google’s best-in-class Artificial Intelligence Platform, Bounteous creates a powerful insight-driven marketing platform that enables marketers to deliver a personalized experience for every visitor to their digital property.

“We believe a great digital experience can transcend the digital world and create deeper brand engagement and brand loyalty. With AI-driven personalization, we drive personalized experiences at scale to make your digital property stand out from competitors and become a market leader,” said Seth Dobbs, SVP of Engineering at Bounteous.

As a long-standing Acquia Preferred Partner, the first Acquia Lift Solutions Partner, and a Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner, Bounteous is paving the way in improving the customer experience to maximize conversion and drive business results. Acquia Lift, a key component of the solution and the only personalization tool optimized for Drupal, is now available as a no-code application to help marketers quickly and easily optimize customer experiences.

“Acquia customers are increasingly investing in personalization using the Acquia Platform to integrate best of breed, third-party technologies. By combining artificial intelligence with personalization, Bounteous continues to bring best-of-class digital marketing capabilities to drive business results,” said Joe Wykes, SVP of Sales and Global Channels at Acquia. “We’re delighted to be able to strengthen ties with Bounteous, through this solution for AI-driven personalization.”

By leveraging artificial intelligence — including automated segmentation, lead prioritization, and attribution modeling — this new offering allows marketers to uncover patterns in user behavior and moments that lead to conversion. Machine learning helps deliver users’ preferred content and experiences at the right time and place using up-to-the-minute information, resulting in greater conversion and ROI. As a leading sales partner and trainer of the Google Marketing Platform throughout the U.S., Bounteous brings unparalleled expertise with their latest AI-driven personalization offering.

Together with Acquia and Google, Bounteous is able to create experiences that drive meaningful results. To learn more about AI-driven personalization, connect with Bounteous at Acquia Engage or review this blog post on creating truly connected and individualized experiences.

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