Branden Condy Launches One of the Fastest Growing Social Media Marketing Companies of 2019

Branden Condy Launches One of the Fastest Growing Social Media Marketing Companies of 2019

Branden Condy Didn’t Beat the System, He Went Around it Entirely

While young millennials fight to get their footing and make their way to the top of an economic system seemingly designed to make life difficult, Branden Condy found a way to simply rush past the system entirely.

Although the American economy as a whole has seen a consistent uptick over the last year, millennials across social media can be seen complaining that our economic system does not seem to be working for them. Either they feel like they are stuck in a financial rut and unable to grow within whatever job they currently hold, or they are simply unable to find a job that can fully support their rent payments, bills, and lifestyle. Branden Condy was in exactly that same situation no less than a year ago. He realized there might be a way to sidestep the American economic system almost entirely and practically just walk his way into personal success by becoming an Instagram influencer. Since then, he has built an impressive following of over 100,000 followers on the social media image-sharing platform, created a team of hundreds of affiliates, built hundreds of thousands in revenue, and went from being a struggling bartender to an entrepreneur and Instagram-influencing penthouse owner over the course of 45 days.

Condy’s success started rather humbly – he sent a message to real estate investor and “serial entrepreneur” Austin Lewis to see if Lewis could offer some tips for success. The two ended up hitting it off, and Lewis took Condy under his wing. Under Lewis’ tutelage, Condy was a quick learner and hungrily absorbed any information the more-seasoned influencer offered. The instruction from Lewis may have given Branden Condy an edge not immediately or obviously available to others struggling to get out of a rough financial situation, but he actively sought that help and worked diligently to achieve the successes he has achieved at such a young age in such little time.

Where many Instagram influencers build their careers through nepotism-enriched affluence, Condy truly started at the bottom and worked his way up. He grew up in the type of situation many people only ever experience through movies and television. Condy often did not have enough food in his home and his family was evicted from their residences on more than one occasion. He learned early in life that it would be up to him to get himself to the top, so he has taken every step carefully and with due diligence. Nevertheless, his journey has not been an easy one.

No stranger to those financial hardships and the intense pressure and stress that situation brings, Branden Condy is not your normal entrepreneur. Concerning how he is different from other Instagram influencers and entrepreneurs, he said, “I work hard because I’ve experienced first-hand poverty and that feeling of not stacking up to where the rest of society thinks I needed to be. Struggling through hunger and homelessness leaves an indelible mark on your soul, and I made a promise to myself that I’d never be in a situation like that ever again. My relentless drive and professional consistency come from an understanding of what difficulties really look like. It’s an understanding that many of [my Instagram peers] won’t ever have to grasp.”

He continued, “A lot of people just seem out for cash and recognition. If they fail they have family and friends who’d bail them out in a heartbeat. My rise comes from a somewhat different place and, though I almost hate to admit it, a lot of it is fear that my future will look a whole lot like my past.”

Condy also understands that there are countless others who want to achieve the same kind of successes that the young influencer has achieved. Seeing that, he now offers his own tutelage and instruction, which interested potential social media influencers can learn about at

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