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Brevo launches CDP, enhanced AI features and mobile push notifications

Unify Data for Greater Customer Insights & Navigate Dynamic Multi-Channel Interactions with AI

Brevo, a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, announces the launch of Brevo Customer Data Platform (CDP) and mobile push following the recent acquisitions of WonderPush and Octolis, demonstrating its capacity to quickly integrate new stacks within its solution. In addition, Brevo is announcing new AI functions, expanding capabilities to better understand customer habits and drive personalized multi-channel campaigns at scale.

A holistic real time view of customers with Brevo Customer Data Platform

The three main browsers used around the world, Safari, Firefox and Chrome, have removed or will remove the use of third party cookies by the end of 2024. Many marketers rely on retargeting and legacy data management platforms based on segments fed with third-party data. To adapt, marketers must prioritize first-party data and adopt a CDP. By collecting, storing, processing, enriching and activating first-party data, businesses can measure the performance of actions carried out to provide insight and hone their competitive advantage in an increasingly complex data environment.

Brevo CDP unifies and manages customer data across the whole tech stack. Empowering teams to turn audience reports and calculated scores into actionable insights, Brevo CDP enables an enriched customer experience with personalized content, dynamic triggers and more. Supported by 300+ pre-built integrations and the ability to plug into existing business intelligence tools, Brevo CDP easily unifies data from multiple sources to provide ready-to-use data that is reliable and consistent across platforms.

Empowering marketing campaigns and CX with new AI features
Brevo has also expanded its AI capabilities to increase efficiency, support creativity and enable anyone to execute dynamic multi-channel campaigns at scale. By leveraging solid and reliable customer data thanks to the Brevo CDP Platform, Brevo’s AI capabilities automate crafting the perfect email content and determining the right time to send messages to customers.

  • Email Content Generator: Elevate email campaigns with dynamically generated, relevant content. Available for Headlines, Paragraphs and Button Text.
  • Best Time Email Delivery: Strategically send emails within a 24-hour window based on recipient behavior and historical engagement to reach audiences when they are most receptive.
  • Adapt Tone of Voice: Let generative AI find the perfect balance between a formal or casual tone depending on the situation and adapt short notes or bullet points into well-formulated messages.

CX leaders who use generative AI see positive ROI from delivering personalized, seamless CX journeys that foster loyalty and satisfaction. With Live Chat Summary, a new generative AI feature dedicated to ensuring seamless conversations, Brevo significantly enhances customers’ experience.

  • Live Chat Summary: Create short summaries of entire live chat conversations to make dialogue handoff between agents easy, or use for quick reference on client history.

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