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Bria offers advanced generative AI tech on NVIDIA AI Foundations

By combining NVIDIA Picasso cloud service optimization capabilities with Bria's copyrighted generative AI technology, businesses can effortlessly and instantly produce high-quality, visual content at scale

Bria will leverage the NVIDIA Picasso service to optimize inference, leading to reduced latency and an enhanced user experience for its generative AI tools that utilize responsibly sourced datasets. This will enable businesses, marketers, and developers who use Bria’s API or AI-powered content generator to achieve faster, more cost-effective results and significantly enhance their scalability.

Bria’s generative AI technology empowers enterprises to instantly create and modify high-quality visual content for social media posts, advertisements, and eCommerce images. Instead of scouring the web for images, Bria’s models are trained on licensed data. This not only ensures that they are fully compliant with copyright law, but that the images used and produced adhere to the highest quality and safety standards. A member of the NVIDIA Inception program, Bria licenses images from a variety of partners and is committed to revenue sharing to ensure that artists, creators and media companies are fairly compensated for their work.

“Hosting our solution on NVIDIA AI Foundations will provide an enhanced experience to our customers and support businesses’ evolving visual and marketing needs,” said Dr. Yair Adato, co-founder and CEO of Bria. “By combining NVIDIA’s expertise with our unique generative AI platform, our integrated solution will equip marketing teams, agencies and product developers with the tools they need to rapidly scale their output.”

“Optimized inference is key to making generative AI practical for organizations to deploy and scale,” said Richard Kerris, vice president, Developer Relations and Omniverse Platform, NVIDIA. “Running Bria’s tools on the NVIDIA AI Foundations Picasso service will help users quickly develop and refine their ideas and create professional-quality visual content.

By integrating either a simple API or application, users can start by typing a natural language description of the images or videos they require into Bria’s generative search engine, BriEngine, turning an unused repository into a valuable asset. Leveraging advanced generative algorithms and a unique dataset informed by human psychology, BriEngine generates multiple variations of photorealistic visuals that are one-of-a-kind and high-quality at scale.

Enterprises can use Bria’s platform to create or modify any image from start to finish while ensuring the generated content meets brands’ visual guidelines. They can even use it to generate A/B test images for localization needs and customized marketing materials, creating an unlimited number of variations until they arrive at the right one. Unlike some alternatives, Bria ensures that all content is safe and legal.

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