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BrightLine Sees Programmatic Demand For Interactive CTV Ads

Originator of programmatic interactive CTV ads sees massive uptick as agency demand combines with growing supply offering
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BrightLine, the leader in interactive and dynamic connected TV (CTV) ad solutions, sees 4x growth in programmatic demand for its advanced advertising formats. BrightLine pioneered the first ever one-stop, programmatic marketplace for interactive CTV ads in 2016, and over the past year the continued scale of its partnerships intersected with surging demand for innovation among leading programmatic players to usher in a new era of programmatic CTV growth.

As the standard bearer for interactive CTV advertising, and the only comprehensive footprint across all leading OTT providers, BrightLine acted on the need for a scalable, one-stop solution for buying interactive and dynamic ad formats programmatically nearly 5 years ago. Last year, as demand began accelerating, BrightLine expanded, working with leading CTV SSP Magnite to create an all-encompassing supply-side programmatic offering of interactive and dynamic ad units. While agencies are free to work with any certified DSP, The Trade Desk accounts for 90% of agency demand for interactive programmatic, representing a preferrable partner status for BrightLine and the company’s recommended DSP of choice.

“We’re excited to see interactive CTV gain momentum and BrightLine has laid the groundwork for it to take off,” said Adam Lowy, Head of North American CTV Demand Sales and Strategy at Magnite. “Streaming TV’s ease of use and minimal ad load combined with a technically-savvy and engaged audience are the perfect combination that will enable interactive CTV to be successful.”

Programmatic demand for interactive CTV on BrightLine’s platform is experiencing 4x growth compared to 2.5X growth on the direct IO side. Other notable trends revealed that BrightLine’s in-stream units, which are uniquely tailored to run in both on-demand and live environments account for the majority of brand demand – due in large part to the creative flexibility, high interaction rates of 1.8%, and ease of execution. Another notable trend has been the inclusion of QR codes, as brands look for ways to close the loop on their TV interactions, driving conversion to purchase, coupons, signups, and other lower funnel metrics.

“BrightLine is a vital partner for us, because we focus on optimizing audiences, not channels,” said Bradley Craven, VP of Addressable Strategy and Activation for Matterkind. “By giving us the ability to deliver personalized CTV experiences, and do so by using dynamic interactive tools, we’re able to amplify the addressable efforts of the brands we serve in a more efficient way.”

“Pressure is mounting on brands to simultaneously pounce on the rise of streaming TV while making the most of every impression, which is driving demand for our data-driven interactive and dynamic ad formats that make for a higher impact ad experience,” noted Rob Aksman, BrightLine’s President. “It’s not surprising then that the simultaneous rise of programmatic CTV execution would eventually align with the power of our more engaging TV ad experiences.”

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