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Btwn App Launched to Automate business tracking

With no middle man, btwn merchants can connect with, reward, and rapidly turn loyal customers into influential brand ambassadors.

A new app gives merchants an upper hand when word-of-mouth referrals turn into cash for customers. Customers download the btwn app and link their Visa (coming soon to Mastercard, and American Express) card just one time. Then, they simply recommend their favorite businesses and products to their friends. Every time a friend makes a purchase from one of their recommendations, they will receive 10% of their friend’s total purchase in cash. Yes, that’s real cash back.

Think of it like this; Sue recommends a product to Jay. Jay makes a $100 purchase. Sue gets $10 cash in her app as a referral reward. The cash reward can then be transferred to her bank and used anywhere. That’s the app’s patented technology hard at work linking card transactions to social media groups.

With no middle man, the app provides trackable, scalable social marketing.

Mike Yoo, Co-founder of btwn, said, “btwn is a next-generation peer to peer referral platform that automates how businesses track and virally grow word of mouth referrals at scale. Btwn merchants turn everyday loyal customers into brand influencers. This creates an extra stream of income for loyal customers who want to turn their influence into rewards.” It doesn’t stop there. VIP customers are directly rewarded as their loyalty grows with exclusive offers and first takes on new product launches, new menu items, etc.

The benefits for merchants are numerous, starting with only paying out cash after new sales are made. There is no cost to sign up, no memberships, or subscription fees. Additionally, btwn only supports the reviews and recommendations of verified purchasers.

“Merchants can build real relationships with their customers. Merchants can also turn their customers’ social groups into an extension of their marketing team. It’s a win/win,” adds Yoo.

btwn has patents in the United States, South Korea, and Singapore. Patents are pending in the EU, Canada, India, Indonesia, and Brazil. The Discover card is set to come on board in early 2020 as well.

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