Ecommerce’s New Purchase & Sale Solution

The automated solution delivers on a growing “sale-by-owner” market
e business is the first platform to digitize and automate the entire purchase and sale experience for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Users can map and execute on deals – whether they’re buying or selling a main street, SaaS or eCommerce business in the micro market (businesses valued under $5m).

The Vaughan-based company has introduced Full Serve, a first-of-its-kind solution in which entrepreneurs can list and manage the purchase and sale of a business on their own through a guided, automated process at a fraction of the cost of a business broker, giving buyers and sellers full control from start to finish.

The process begins with creating an account at Once verified, sellers can craft and submit their listing, and upon approval, the platform will begin to drive qualified buyers to submit offers using a Letter of Intent (LOI) builder.

Once the LOI has been eSigned, both the buyer and the seller will be guided through the due diligence and closing phases. They’ll also have the ability to chat, exchange documents, and request/accept all necessary funds, which are held and released once the sale is finalized, protecting the deal’s integrity.

While the process is largely automated, offers hands-on support from well recognized legal, accounting, and financing firms throughout the entire process.

This solution is intended for small business sellers who need guidance during the sale process, but do not require the extensive individualized attention that most larger deals involve. The most complex micro transactions are typically just a series of simple phases applied over-and-over, which have been broken down for users. Once an offer is negotiated, the deal can be completed by anyone with patience, diligence and attention to detail.

For the past 8 years the platform has been on a constant journey of learning and improving – connecting over $2b in transactions and growing a captive community of engaged buyers and sellers. With innovation at its core, is consistently driving the creation of better technology and tools. A better future and stronger economy starts and finishes with the transition of small businesses, and the Full Serve solution has been a well thought out effort to advance that goal.

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