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CallTrackingMetrics adds new members and product updates

Leading conversation analytics platform announces employee additions/promotions, group per agent license and upcoming product updates

CallTrackingMetrics, a global conversation analytics company, today celebrates a momentous year of company and team growth with the announcement of its new group per agent license, product updates and team growth.

This year, CallTrackingMetrics added 15 team new members including roles in strategic partnerships, carrier relations, technical support, enterprise BDR and education. In addition, the company also promoted over 30% of its employees, including several promotions to management positions and technical roles, which led to the appointment of CallTrackingMetric’s first Engineer III and Technical Advisor roles.

“It’s not been an easy year for the tech industry,” said Laure Fisher, COO and co-founder of CallTrackingMetrics. “But we’ve remained focused on investing in our people, which has proven to be invaluable as we continue to support our loyal customers and innovate our offerings. We couldn’t do what we do without our team.”

In addition, the Maryland-based company added a new group per agent licenses, which is unique to the company. These licenses allows each agent to have their own group of users and permissions and supports the understanding of the needs and pain points of their customers. This knowledge can be helpful for agents who work on different types of accounts or who have different sales territories.

“Designed with flexibility in mind, the group per agent licenses and key personas allow our team to tailor our strategies to meet the unique needs, goals, and objectives of each customer,” said Todd Fisher, co-founder and CEO of CallTrackingMetrics. “As society evolves, so do the needs of our customers. This is the first of many enhancements that will reflect those needs in the coming months.”

The company plans to launch four new personalized plans in 2024 to meet the changing needs of marketers, sales + lead-gen teams and enterprise organizations, providing them with the tools and resources they need to achieve their digital marketing goals. This will be in addition to a new Zoom integration that will seamlessly incorporate meeting transcriptions and recordings into the activity log, allowing users to leverage AskAI tools for meeting summaries and follow-up tasks.

This momentum follows the company’s recent launch of ChatAI, the newest entry in its suite of AI-powered tools, and being named to Inc.’s Best Places to Work List for the third year in a row.

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