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Causal IQ and Quorum partner

Causal IQ

Causal IQ, a leading programmatic solutions provider, today announced a strategic partnership with Quorum, the leading provider of real-time location data in digital media. The alliance is designed to enhance Causal IQ’s travel profiles by complementing the offering with always-on, real-time location data.

This new capability will significantly enhance targeting, optimization, attribution, and analytics for travel marketers. It empowers them to leverage location history and analytics on Causal IQ’s already robust 280MM US user profiles, enabling a nuanced and effective engagement strategy based on the past and predicted future locations of their users.

The innovative collaboration introduces an array of built-in features for advertisers. These include closed loop reporting for destinations that provide insights into downstream visitation activity, attraction visitation attribution, hotel stay activity, and more. The integration also equips marketers with a deeper understanding of their converting audience, enabling them to decipher what truly drives visitors to their key destinations and leverage that data for campaign optimization in real time.

Furthermore, Causal IQ’s Custom Audience Solutions will now offer refined user profiling in categories such as intent, brand affinities, affluence, and travel preferences. Whether they are luxury seekers, family fun enthusiasts, foodies, or adventurers, this feature ensures that every traveler’s unique tastes and aspirations are catered to in each interaction, from browsing to booking.

“The partnership between Causal IQ and Quorum is transformative for the travel space,” said Jennifer Laing, VP of Operations at Causal IQ. “We are bringing unprecedented capabilities in audience identification, engagement, and attribution. The integration introduces millions of new actionable attributes to our Multivariate Performance Solution, offering a truly unparalleled resource for travel marketers.”

“The partnership between Causal IQ and Quorum is a powerful convergence of cutting-edge technologies,” said Ezra Doty, CEO of Quorum, Inc. “With Quorum’s unrivaled location data, marketers now have the ability to truly maximize potential in driving advertising performance with Causal IQ. Together, our combined forces propel campaigns to new heights, forging a path where data-driven targeting meets visibility to real world destination visits, allowing travel brands to connect with their audiences like never before. We are thrilled to partner with Causal IQ and bring the best of both worlds together.”

Causal IQ is excited to leverage this partnership to continue innovating in the travel industry, offering increasingly personalized and effective solutions for clients and consumers alike.

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