Pod Digital Media launches its new influencer platform

Pod Digital Media Continues Its Commitment to Bridging the Gap Between Black & Brown Content Creators & Large Brands with New Influencer Marketing Offering
Pod Digital Media

Pod Digital Media, the first multicultural podcast agency network, representing more than 400 shows hosted by Black and Latino podcasters, is excited to announce the launch of its new influencer platform by offering a comprehensive range of influencer marketing services. The network will bring together some of the brightest and most talented influencers and offer brands a platform to connect and engage with their target audiences in more meaningful and impactful ways.

In addition to podcasting and experiential offerings, PDM will now help brands connect with diverse audiences on all social media platforms. “We are more than a podcasting business,” said Gary Coichy, founder, and CEO of Pod Digital Media. “We’re an entire media and marketing ecosystem connecting brands with multicultural demographics-an audience with buying power.”

PDM’s offerings include strategy development, influencer identification and outreach, campaign management, content creation, reporting, and analytics. The agency employs a data-driven approach to influencer marketing, utilizing cutting-edge technology to track and analyze campaign performance and optimize results.

PDM’s roster includes current and former NBA and NFL players, as well as top-tier beauty and lifestyle influencers creating quality audio content. By partnering with those talents who already have a strong following and resonate with brand’s values, brand partners can continue to grow their reach, engagement, and sales.

“By working with PDM, brands will have access to a curated network of influencers who not only have a deep understanding of their target market but also creatively express themselves through audio and social content that resonates with their audience,” added Coichy. “Our team is committed to ensuring our clients receive the highest level of service through performance-driven campaigns that deliver ROI.”

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