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CAYIN Presents Facial Detection Solution for Smarter Advertising

CAYIN Technology presents an innovative solution of integrating digital signage and facial detection technology to maximize the effectiveness of the advertising platform that increases customer engagement and improves brand communication.
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In the era of information explosion, people are bombarded by a variety of promotional messages and ignore them most of the time. This phenomenon indicates that what is provide in front of the customers is considered irrelevant and useless content, leading to no customer engagement or any buying motives. Therefore, the relevance of advertising content in the moment of a customer’s need is more important and powerful than ever.

CAYIN® Technology, a key player in the digital signage industry, brings an innovative solution of integrating facial detection technology and digital signage, engaging customers with personalized advertising content based on their age, gender, and number of customers. With this integration solution, digital signage is no longer just an eye-catching advertising platform, it becomes a strategic touchpoint for advertisers and marketers to increase customer engagement and purchase intention applicable to various industries.

CAYIN is pleased to cooperate with its strategic partner, QNAP® Systems, to integrate its facial detection software-QVR Face Tiger, and launch the smart digital signage solution together. By leveraging substantial resources and advantageous products of both companies, CAYIN® Technology and QNAP® Systems step up to the plate to provide a smarter advertising solution for marketers and advertisers by displaying the right incentive to the right customer at the right time, which not only catches the target audience’s eyes but have a huge impact on increasing customer’s purchase intention.

In addition, CAYIN’s facial detection digital signage solution allows marketers and advertisers to combine a variety of multimedia and real-time contents into digital advertising with 4K HDMI video, YouTube Video, Flash® animation, HTML5 web page, image, music, and text ticker, making the tailored contents more appealing and engaging. Furthermore, with the intelligent and intuitive scheduling management function of CAYIN SMP players, advertisers and marketers can create a one-time event or arrange periodic tasks to trigger customized advertisement content only for a specific festival or weekend, fulfilling to produce the desired effect when offering “at the right time”.

Nowadays, personalization is the critical recipe for more influential promotion as well as successful brand communication in the environment of information overload and a highly competitive marketplace. Therefore, CAYIN’s solution to integrate digital signage with facial detection technology is a powerful tool for marketers and advertisers to maximize the effectiveness of the advertising platform that drives higher customer engagement and builds better brand communication.

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