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CDP Amperity & Braze Partner to Enhance Customer Engagement

Joint solution creates virtuous cycle of enhanced customer profiles and multi-channel customer journeys for 1:1 personalized experiences
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Amperity, the leading customer data platform for consumer brands, today announced a partnership with Braze, a comprehensive customer engagement platform, to create a bi-directional integration uniting the companies’ industry-leading solutions for customer identity management and multi-channel customer engagement. The partnership will empower Braze users to deliver more effective, personalized, and memorable experiences to customers by leveraging Amperity’s comprehensive Customer 360 profiles, customer insights, and predictive attributes in real-time. Amperity customers will gain access to Braze’s cross-channel customer engagement tools to guide users through an intuitive flow of constructing 1:1 personalized journeys. With this announcement, Amperity is also now a member of Braze Alloys, a curated ecosystem of technology and solutions partners to help Braze customers integrate, customize, and amplify their customer engagement capabilities.

Modern brand communications require accurate targeting and effective personalization to forge customer connections and drive growth. Brands must engage with customers across multiple channels, including email, SMS, and in-product messaging, with a comprehensive understanding of each consumer necessary to increase open rates as well as customer Lifetime Value (LTV). The new partnership between Amperity and Braze will provide companies with an unmatched set of tools to monitor, understand, and react to customer behaviors in real-time.

“Braze on the Amperity DataGrid unites two industry leaders in their respective fields, supporting customers on both platforms by harnessing critical customer insights to improve performance and increase return on investment,” said Kabir Shahani, CEO of Amperity. “The integrated solution is greater than the sum of its parts, providing brands with an indispensable platform to better serve and communicate with their customers.”

Personalization & Automation

The bi-directional integration of the Amperity and Braze platforms, each an industry leader in their respective categories, will provide critical improvements in digital personalization and automation across channels. Amperity’s AI-powered AmpID tool for identity resolution enriches Braze profiles with constantly updated, highly accurate and privacy-compliant data for each customer, enabling personalized email, SMS and in-product communications through Braze’s messaging platform. The partnership allows for automation and action on key moments within the customer lifecycle, including post-purchase cultivation and triggered responses to important actions. The insights gleaned from Braze messaging are also available within Amperity via Braze currents to fuel future models for personalization and further action.

Unifying Customer Data to Drive Personalized Customer Engagement Campaigns

Bringing together both companies’ focus on precision and ease of use, the new partnership improves business outcomes and user experience across key customer engagement functions, including segmentation, orchestration, and measurement. Examples of key use cases for Amperity and Braze customers include:

  • Creating a single comprehensive view of the customer across all data sources: Amperity’s AI-powered and multi-patented AmpID resolves identities creating a fresh, accurate, and compliant identity foundation. More accurate customer profiles translate into higher conversion rates.
  • Using the comprehensive Customer 360 to power real-time customer engagement and personalized messaging: Amperity’s Amp360 adds dozens of historical and predicted attributes to customer profiles. Leveraging these new pieces of information, such as pCLV, helps drive easier, and more sophisticated segmentation and messaging programs within Braze.
  • Driving retention, loyalty, and customer Lifetime Value (LTV) via Braze real-time customer journey orchestration: Braze lets users create a thoughtful, personalized messaging strategy that suits the needs of each individual customer across channels and experiences.
  • Seamless integration, interoperation, and iteration across the marketing technology ecosystem: Braze data streams back into Amperity to further enrich the Customer 360 which allows for even more targeted campaigns. Additionally, that data can be used by Amperity’s AmpIQ for marketing intelligence and activation within an even broader array of partner solutions creating a virtuous cycle of learning and improvements across the martech stack.

“As retailers adjust to the ongoing economic recovery and ride the wave of increased consumer spending, effective multi-channel communication and cross-platform identity resolution is critical to drive long term customer loyalty and ultimately ROI for your brand,” said Myles Kleeger, president and chief customer officer at Braze. “This new partnership with Amperity will improve efficacy for Braze users across the board, providing a 360-degree view of the customer, and applying state-of-the-art identity resolution to Braze’s customer engagement platforms.”

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