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CESS to Hold 3 In-Person Community Events in Vietnam This Month

CESS is built using a multilayer architecture and brings the performance and security necessary for the success of the Web3 Internet.

Cumulus Encrypted Storage System (CESS), the 3rd-gen decentralized cloud-based data storage protocol built exclusively for Web3, has announced three exciting new community meetups for the month of October. From partners and sponsors across the Binance and Polkadot ecosystems to other exciting new projects working in the areas of blockchain, security, NFTs, and other bleeding-edge technologies, these conferences will bring together community members, developers, investors, thought leaders, and many more participants and luminaries working in the tech scene to build relationships, meet the teams behind their favorite projects, and bring a touch of live networking to a highly digital and sometimes exclusively virtual industry.

Jessie Dai, Co-Founder of CESS, attending all the events, said: “We are excited about participating in these high-level events (TOKEN2049 Singapore, Vietnam Blockchain Summit) with our partners and collaborators from Binance and the Polkadot ecosystem. Networking and mutual collaboration are important parts of successful business operations, and we are thrilled to be able to meet our Southeast Asia community members face to face and answer questions, get to know the needs of our users, and spend some well-earned time interacting with others in the industry in interactive and relaxing real-life settings. Our purpose for this activation roadtour has been to expand our developer, mining and social community network. ”

Details of the events are as follows:

  • October 16: Together with Binance Vietnamese Fan Club – an AMA.
  • October 18: CESS, as an important Polkadot project, will participate in the Polkadot Vietnam Panel (DOTinVietnam) for a discussion between 2 pm and 6 pm at the Gem Ballroom, The One Building, O2 Chuong Duong Do, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.
  • October 19: CESS finalized a project intro and social networking side event at the Vietnam Blockchain Summit between 3 pm and 8 pm at the 1st-floor Ballroom, National Convention Center, Me Tri Str. During this event, CESS will be rolling out the much anticipated Ambassador Programme!

CESS is built using a multilayer architecture and brings the performance and security necessary for the success of the Web3 Internet. With CESS, the performance of each layer is independent of other layers, which helps to balance the system load while also overcoming the “miner’s dilemma” via a trustless, low-energy consumption consensus mechanism (called R²S) that guarantees the integrity of consensus nodes.

Thanks to other innovative advancements such as the pooling of storage space of global nodes and the use of a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to ensure data security and protection, CESS is designed from the ground up to become the commercial-grade cloud solution of choice for users and industries of all kinds around the world.

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