Collective Audience and Reset Digital launch strategic adtech J.V

Collaboration to Empower Marketers with Direct Connections Between Supply and Demand, Thereby Increasing Efficiency, Reach, Ad Spend ROI and Audience Data Assets

Collective Audience, Inc., a leading innovator of audience-based performance advertising and media solutions, has launched a strategic technology partnership with Reset Digital, an industry-leading digital marketing platform used by the world’s top advertisers and publishers.

Reset Digital’s premier customers represent major brands and Fortune 500 companies and top marketing and advertising agencies worldwide. It provides the emotional context data and DSP + SSP capabilities that advertisers and publishers need to drive mass reach and high ROI at scale. It is considered the world’s first and only Neuro-Programmatic™ platform aimed at eliminating bias, which in turn drives more meaningful connections between brands and consumers.

The Reset Digital platform has created a new marketplace that allows marketers to connect in a much deeper and more meaningful way with unique audiences, including the largest representation of diverse owned and operated publishers. In this way, Reset Digital has become an independent beacon for those in search of data that can elevate creative, planning, media buying and all forms of marketing.

Collective Audience CEO, Peter Bordes, commented: “This groundbreaking partnership introduces Reset Digital’s uniquely valuable data, high demand and large budgets into the ecosystem of our end-to-end platform, AudienceDesk™ powered by AudienceCloud™. We designed this platform to empower brands, agencies and publishers with audience-based performance advertising and media solutions in a way that unlocks tremendous value for our combined partners who we are bringing together in a new form of integrated collaboration.”

The strategic technology partnership is based on a deep integration of supply and demand of the companies’ combined brand and publishing partners, and leverages Collective Audience’s unique ad units and data capabilities. This is anticipated to help rapidly expand Reset Digital’s U.S. market share and facilitate a significant ramp up in revenue generation for Collective Audience.

Continued Bordes: “Our combined platforms strengthen the core building blocks of our open ecosystem that is designed to enable marketers of all sizes and industries to overcome the many obstacles native to a broken, programmatic 2.0 environment. It accomplishes this by providing direct connections that increase the value of a publisher’s ad inventory and enable brands to identify and convert new audiences, while generating significant zero-party data assets, and audience insights.”

“It also advances us toward automating the end-to-end supply path for the first time by removing the traditional friction between brands and publishers, and thereby allow them to tap the global AdTech market with tremendous competitive advantages,” added Bordes.

Reset Digital’s founder and CEO, and former senior executive at Disney and Comcast, Charles Cantu, will be joining Collective Audience’s Advisor Collective. He currently serves on the advisory board for the Institute for Advertising Ethics (IAE) and faculty for the Revenue Enablement Institute.

According to Cantu: “Our industry has been wasting too much time engaging in death-spiraling conversations around old-world cookie targeting, walled gardens and how to harness the power of audience data.

“Now with our emotional AI and feelings-based data approach and solution going mainstream with the support of the technology underpinnings of Collective Audience’s first-of-its-kind platform, everyone will have the means to engage consumers at scale based on what motivates us as people rather than simply as targets.

“As this shift progresses, we believe serious market players will finally be able to leverage audience data as a new asset class. Moreover, they’ll be doing this the smartest way, powered by AI as an intelligent and empathetic layer to guide them. For Global 1000 marketers like the ones we serve, it is a promise kept.”

The structure of the joint venture includes granting Collective Audience and Reset Digital access to each other’s platform capabilities and data using API integrations that support a revenue-share model. The partners are also exploring possibilities for shared ownership through an equity exchange.

In the weeks ahead, Collective Audience plans to make additional major announcements related to yesterday’s official unveiling of AudienceDesk and AudienceCloud.

Reset Digital is anticipated to benefit from Collective Audience’s recently announced exclusive interim license and joint venture agreement with BeOp, an award-winning, Europe-based MarTech and AdTech industry-leading innovator. Through Collective Audience’s platform, Reset Digital will gain access to BeOp’s conversational advertising technology in North America.

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