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Sprout Social launches New Mentorship Network for marketers

Sprout Social’s community platform, The Arboretum, introduces a mentorship program to support learning and growth for marketing and social media professionals

Sprout Social, an industry-leading provider of cloud-based social media management software, announced that its virtual community platform, The Arboretum, has launched a new mentorship program for social media and marketing professionals. The Arboretum Mentorship Network is available to Arboretum members and is currently accepting applications for mentors and mentees who want to develop their careers, further engage with their community and give back to the industry.

Open to all marketers at no cost, Sprout Social launched The Arboretum last year and it became a hub for industry connection, community and mentorship–quickly surpassing more than 10,000 members. By launching a formalized mentorship program, The Arboretum is making it even easier for its members to expand their professional brands, exchange ideas, learn how to optimize Sprout’s platform and stay competitive in a fast-paced industry.

“The Arboretum has become an inspiring place for so many professionals across every level of their careers to come together and connect with peers, learn new skills and exchange actionable advice,” said Scott Morris, CMO of Sprout Social. “By launching an official mentorship program, The Arboretum will be able to build on the foundation of connection within the community and create even more mentorship opportunities for members centered around shared goals and visions. I’m incredibly excited to see the career-changing connections and ideas that stem from this program.”

The program will match participants with a mentor or mentee based on their networking goals and shared interests for one-on-one mentorship. In addition to the mentorship program, The Arboretum offers educational opportunities, access to exclusive events and daily peer discussions to members that range from practitioners to C-suite executives.

“The Arboretum mentorship program will change the career trajectory for social media professionals around the world,” said Kalee Williams, a Social Media Strategist at Atlassian. “Social media is still a fairly new craft so mentorship opportunities can be hard to come by within organizations. Having a mentorship program within one of the top tools in the industry is brilliant.”

“Sprout Social continues to not only be the industry leading social media platform but they’re also blazing the path for social media professionals by creating community and spaces for them to network. I’m excited to see the new Arboretum Mentorship Network grow and help engage industry professionals,” said Nycole Hampton, Senior Director, Content + Engagement at GoodRX.

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