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Colling Media Receives Two Awards Recognizing Marketing Efforts

Colling Media

Colling Media, one of the fastest-growing advertising agencies has received two Arizona Marketing Innovation Association (AZIMA) awards. The awards are in the Physical to Digital Integration and Social Influencer Marketing categories. Since Colling Media’s first award submission in 2016, they have been awarded 14 times including two this year.

Physical to Digital Integration

The Physical to Digital Integration award recognizes the integration of physical and digital experiences using augmented reality or presence technology like beacons, geofences or other real-world data.

Colling Media was able to integrate real-world physical data into a digital campaign by helping one of the nation’s largest tire retailers leverage programmatic media and weather triggers for digital out-of-home billboard and mobile advertising.

Audiences were exposed to dynamic advertisements reflecting real-time weather conditions, and indicating how those conditions related to wheel and tire maintenance and upgrades. This real-world integration into digital advertising was combined with offline conversion tracking, integrating physical to digital and back to physical, resulting in a 95% increase in in-store visits and a 20% increase in purchases.

“Translating offline attribution for digital to physical campaigns for the nation’s largest tire and wheel retailer was significant. Leveraging third-party weather trigger data helped put the right message in front of the right person at the right time when it mattered most. The results exceeded our expectations,” said Chief Digital Officer, Jordan Schuster.

Social Influencer Marketing

The award for Social Influencer Marketing recognizes the growth of followers and engagement of a social following across social platforms.

Colling Media worked with Bling Sauce, a Phoenix-based cleaning product company to update its organic social media content from a strategy of sales-driven content and sharing legacy memes, shifting the strategy to creating and publishing custom outdoor lifestyle memes and becoming an extension of the audience’s lifestyle. Custom memes are outperforming legacy memes, most likely due to the audience seeing them for the first time, leading to more likes, comments, and shares. Bling Sauce’s organic social posts impressions increased by 653% by implementing a unique shift in publishing custom outdoor lifestyle memes, appealing to the audience’s lifestyle.

“I’m thrilled for Bling Sauce on the recognition that this campaign has given them. We encouraged the brand to think outside of the box with its organic social media strategy. The results speak for themselves and I’m excited to be a part of it,” said Copywriter, Ty Baumani.

AZIMA TIM Awards are dedicated to honoring and recognizing marketing professionals and their successful digital marketing campaigns and innovation executed between July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2022.

“By forging deep relationships with our clients and partners to the point where we are ingrained in their business, we are able to develop dynamic marketing strategies and campaigns that not only meet business objectives, but also engage an audience in creative, effective ways that leave a lasting impact. These two awards are just two more reminders of why we do what we do and how we can continue to help our partners succeed through better advertising results,” said Douglas Campbell, Chief Strategy Officer.

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