CommerceIQ™ enables Movado’s E-Commerce team with Amazon Command Center

CommerceIQ™ enables Movado’s E-Commerce team with Amazon Command Center

CommerceIQ™ announces Movado Group, Inc., one of the world’s premier watchmakers, has selected its unified Amazon sales, advertising, and operations platform for consumer brand manufacturers, to achieve profitable, sustainable growth on Amazon. CommerceIQ™ uses machine learning to unify and analyze hundreds of frequently-changing variables across Amazon to automatically identify, prioritize and recommend to e-commerce teams the best sales, marketing and supply chain actions that profitably drive online traffic, conversion and sales.

Winning on Amazon requires timely, data-driven actions across sales, marketing & operations. Those companies relying on backward-looking analytics, functional silos, and reactive, manual processes will lose out to those who are embracing the Amazon way of automated, predictive, machine-intelligent approaches. As the leading growth automation solution, CommerceIQ is purpose-built to empower brand manufacturers like Movado with the technology needed to drive higher net sales & profits.

CommerceIQ detects risks such as current and potential out-of-stock situations, unavailable SKUs, lost Buy Boxes, and potential counterfeit products from 3P sellers and takes actions on Amazon to mitigate factors that can adversely affect sales.

Using CommerceIQ, Movado will also be able to optimize trade spend and bid amounts on keywords that drive greater incrementality to grow its share of voice across paid and organic search results on Amazon.

“E-commerce is a very important growth channel for Movado, but requires different capabilities given the data-driven nature of the business,” said Behzad Soltani, Chief Digital Officer, Movado Group, Inc. “With CommerceIQ, we will be moving from a very manual, time-intensive process to our own automated platform that provides our team a unified command center to quickly identify and act on the best opportunities to profitably grow our digital business.”

“We are thrilled to welcome a world-famous brand like Movado to the family of forward-looking companies using CommerceIQ to capitalize on the Amazon opportunity,” said CommerceIQ™ Commerce CEO Guru Hariharan. “Movado has been enormously successful in a range of channels, and we look forward to enabling their e-Commerce team with CommerceIQ to fuel their sales growth and drive unparalleled levels of success on Amazon.”

About CommerceIQ
CommerceIQ™, the world’s first and only unified Amazon platform, enables brands to achieve profitable sales growth on Amazon by improving the operational efficiency of their Amazon e-commerce business using machine learning and automation technology. CommerceIQ™ unifies Amazon sales, advertising, operations, and competitor data on one platform, applies machine learning to surface latent inefficiencies and growth opportunities, and automates actions to realize the benefits from these opportunities. Leading consumer brands accounting for billions of dollars in Amazon Sales, and marketing spend have reduced out of stock rates by up to 32%, increased conversion rates by at least +15%, and generated on average a +12% incremental sales lift in the first quarter after launching CommerceIQ™. For more information, visit where you can also request a demo.

CommerceIQ™ is a trademark of Boomerang Commerce in the U.S. and other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective companies.

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