Conductor Acquires SEO Technology Searchmetrics


Today, Conductor—the leading enterprise Organic Marketing platform—announced the acquisition of the European-based competitor Searchmetrics. This acquisition further solidifies Conductor as the undisputed leader in the SEO space and accelerates its expansion in the European market.

From the day of its founding, Conductor has been committed to building a product that puts the success of its customers first. Conductor believes the best solution for customers lies in a single, global platform that integrates all parts of the SEO workflow. With Searchmetrics strong European presence and impressive customer base, the acquisition will significantly accelerate Conductor’s growth in Europe and the realization of Conductor’s vision.

This acquisition cements Conductor’s leadership position during continued consolidation in the SEO space. Following Conductor’s acquisition of ContentKing—the only real-time site auditing tool—in 2022, this marks Conductor’s second acquisition in just the last year—a clear indicator of the company’s accelerated growth since its significant round of funding from Bregal Sagemount in 2021.

“Searchmetrics has been a competitor almost since we started Conductor, with a strong data foundation and a powerful presence in the European market,” said Seth Besmertnik, Conductor’s CEO and co-founder. “We are excited to bring the best of what Searchmetrics does to Conductor and to our now shared customers. Our goal is for customers to greatly benefit from this acquisition through delivery of more product value on a global scale.”

Matt Colebourne, the CEO of Searchmetrics, is thrilled for Searchmetrics to join industry-leading Conductor. “Conductor is indisputably the SEO space market leader. For years, we’ve admired their commitment to innovation for customers and their efforts to foster a dynamic and rewarding workplace culture for employees. By joining Conductor, we bring the best of what we do along with a large European customer base—solidifying Conductor as the definitive global leader. We cannot wait to build more for customers going forward.”

Ken Ogenbratt, Searchmetrics’s Chief Financial Officer, adds, “This acquisition is a pivotal step for the SEO industry. With a proven track of delivering for customers, Conductor has always been a fierce competitor of ours. Now, as we move forward with them as a partner, we have the powerful opportunity to drive even greater value to customers as a unified business.”

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