Consumers Use Amazon To Discover New Brands: Emplicit

86% say they've purchased a product from a brand they've never tried before / 35% claim Amazon is how they discover new brands, even if they're small

Emplicit, an Amazon partner eCommerce agency, released today findings of a new survey that give retailers insights into the ways consumers are shopping on Amazon.

In addition to evidence consumers are using Amazon as a new brand discovery tool, the survey also revealed that the platform’s Amazon Prime membership is one of the outlet’s strongest and most attractive features. In fact, of those who would buy from Amazon (over a product’s own website) even if the product was more expensive, 50% claim they would buy from Amazon because of fast Prime delivery – 40% citing it’s easier than setting up a new account on another website as the reason.

“At Emplicit, we help eCommerce brands maximize their potential on Amazon by delivering highly-specialized channel expertise tailored to their unique needs,” said Brian Byer, COO of Emplicit. “Many of our new survey findings reaffirm why it’s not only important to have a presence on Amazon, but to have an optimized presence that makes the most of this powerful sales channel.”

Some of the survey’s other insights include:

  • Ads are important. Of those who find product ads on Amazon useful, 86% have purchased products from a brand they’d never tried before.
  • Being featured by Amazon is important. 80% of respondents claim they check out “similar items” and “others also bought” items that Amazon displays for them.
  • Almost two-thirds (61%) of respondents claim that multiple product images is what visually helps them the most while shopping on Amazon. A majority of shoppers surveyed still do their due diligence when purchasing on Amazon. 27% look at a seller’s website before they buy if they’re unfamiliar with them, and 24% will check to see if the seller is selling cheaper directly from their site.
  • More than half of consumers say it doesn’t affect their purchase decision whether their product is ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ or ‘Fulfilled by Merchant’, with 29% claiming they don’t care one way or the other – as long as delivery is guaranteed.

“The survey affirms what we at Emplicit already know about consumers; they trust and enjoy using Amazon as their shopping portal,” says Byer. “Our team grew up on Amazon and can manage every aspect of an online selling experience, from store and brand management to logistics and data analytics.”

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