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conversationHEALTH launches BrandBoost

Supervised generative AI solution moves beyond traditional programmatic advertising that points to a website and reimagines DTC and HCP engagement grounded in virtualized personal promotion.

conversationHEALTH (, the leading provider of conversational AI solutions for the healthcare and life sciences industry, today announced the general availability of BrandBoost for marketers. BrandBoost has been designed to drive high value actions with a user experience well beyond that of a typical website by engaging physicians, patients and consumers via virtualized personal promotion using conventional programmatic advertising channels and audience activation strategies. Users can ask questions in natural language surrounding conditions, disease interception, and therapies, as well as access “beyond the pill” programs at their moment of need with zero wait.

“We’ve seen the engagement rates of BrandBoost hovering around 95% with a typical discussion duration of over 5 minutes,” said John Seaner, President of conversationHEALTH. “Compare that to the 80% average bounce rates and sub 60 second page views of conventional websites or landing pages. Clients are experiencing a 750% increase in high value actions such as downloads, form fills and requests for information, resulting in higher conversion rates.”

BrandBoost is privacy-safe and features medically trained natural language understanding and generation, proprietary training data spanning nearly every therapeutic area, and supervised conversational AI to create near-human interactions that are compliant with all company-specific medical, legal, and regulatory approval specifications. Automatic adverse event and product quality detection, as well as intelligent escalation to a contact center agent or sales representative also come standard with the product.

“For the first time, Healthcare and Life Sciences companies can create highly personalized experiences to seed, nurture and grow enduring customer relationships,” said Dr. Dure Hussain, ConversationHEALTH’s Vice President of Medical Strategy and Conversational User Experience. “Now creating true consumer preference as well as firmly establishing your brand as a healthcare provider’s treatment of choice is within reach.”

BrandBoost is generally available and can be seen at upcoming conferences including Digital Pharma East in Philadelphia from September 11th through the 14th, the Reuters Customer Engagement Summits in both Philadelphia on October 2nd through the 3rd and London on November 9th and 10th, and the Chief Commercial Officer Summit in Philadelphia on October 4th and the 5th.

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