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CoreStack Launches FinOps

CoreStack’s AI-powered Continuous and Autonomous Governance Solutions Empower Google Cloud Customers to Unleash the Power of Cloud On their Terms
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CoreStack, a global cloud governance provider that empowers enterprises to unleash the power of cloud by enabling continuous and autonomous cloud governance at scale, today announced the launch of its three powerful cloud governance offerings — FinOps, SecOps and CloudOps — on Google Cloud to boost cost optimization, security, and operational efficiencies for enterprises.

CoreStack’s solutions provide transformative value to enterprises:

  • The CoreStack FinOps provides an organization-wide view of cloud-spend as well as granular details by cloud, account, subscription, department, tag, region, inventory, and application. With a better understanding of cost drivers and resource utilization, enterprises can identify inefficient cloud resources and act on them to avoid cost leakages, as well as set up budgetary guardrails, and establish accountability through chargebacks to the cloud costs to respective departments or user groups.
  • CoreStack SecOps provides a continuous cloud security posture and allows enterprises to gain visibility and insights into threats and vulnerabilities by region, resource, type, and age. The solution also provides compliance assurance against industry standards regulations, and best practices relevant to an organization, such as ISO27001, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and CIS.
  • CoreStack CloudOps allows enterprises to break operational siloes by providing a unified and comprehensive view into key cloud operational metrics. Based on ML models, the solution predicts future workload performance, identifies trends in the vital cloud metrics such as costs and budget overruns as well as optimizes threshold levels for different alerts.

“Organizations today require cloud solutions that enable security and data governance at scale,” said Manvinder Singh, Director, IaaS/PaaS Partnerships, Google Cloud. “We’re pleased to have CoreStack’s solutions available on Google Cloud and provide our customers with the technologies that help them get the most from their cloud investments.”

Recognized as a trailblazer in the top 10 cloud management platform providers, CoreStack’s AI-powered multi-cloud governance solution, empowers enterprises to rapidly achieve continuous and autonomous cloud governance at scale. CoreStack enables enterprises to realize outcomes such as 40% decrease in cloud costs and 50% increase in operational efficiencies by governing operations, security, cost, access, and resources.

Pythian, a leading data, analytics, and cloud services company as well as Google Cloud Premier Partner, Google Cloud MSP and the 2020 Google Cloud Specialization Partner of the Year for Data Management Award recipient, announced its partnership with CoreStack to integrate the CoreStack FinOps solution into its cloud financial management services offering. “Our deep cloud expertise combined with CoreStack’s reporting functionality and scalability creates the ideal solution to maximize our customers’ cloud investment,” said Lynda Partner, senior vice president of products and offerings at Pythian. “Our partnership with CoreStack enhances our FinOps services offering on Google Cloud and extends the insight and flexibility we offer to our customer base.”

CoreStack FinOps solution helps provide multiple value-added capabilities:

  • Extends CoreStack’s aggregation capability, allowing multi-dimension cost visibility
  • Tight bi-directional integration with ITSM and monitoring tools such as ServiceNow and Jira, enabling cost threshold breach notification, budget notification and cost anomaly notification
  • Customizability for multi-dimension reports, such as daily, monthly cloud spend, usage, inventory, tags, region, resource type, consolidated charges report and custom chargebacks
  • Right-sizing recommendations for workloads to drive cost improvements and savings
  • Flexibility and dynamic future-ready roadmap catered to customer needs

“The launch of our innovative FinOps, SecOps and CloudOps solutions on Google Cloud builds on our impetus to offer our customers a flexible yet robust cloud governance solution for deriving maximum efficiencies across any cloud,” said Sabapathy Arumugam, CTO and Co-founder of CoreStack. “We are excited to bring costs, security and operational efficiencies to our customers on Google Cloud through these solutions.”

Using the FinOps, SecOps and CloudOps solutions, enterprises can leverage rule-based automation of monitoring, alerts and remediation, activity tracking, backups, restore, and patch management. The solutions have tight bi-directional integration with ITSM Tools like ServiceNow, Jira, Zabbix, Nagios, etc.

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