Cornerstone Selected as Poverty Dignified’s PR & Marketing Agency

Agency selected because of a deep understanding of the company’s space and Cornerstone’s experience in the healthcare, technology, and lifestyle spaces.
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Poverty Dignified, Inc. dba VirExit Technologies, Inc. (OTCMKTS PINK: PVDG) has selected Cornerstone Communications, LTD as its public relations and marketing strategy agency of record. Cornerstone was awarded the VirExit Technologies, Inc. account due to its significant expertise in the healthcare, lifestyle, technology, and COVID-19 verticals.

Headquartered in Richland, Washington, VirExit Technologies, Inc. is a fast-growing public company focused on providing solutions for safer living in uncertain times. With a mission to “make the world a safer place with innovative and effective technologies,” VirExit Technologies, Inc. looks to screen, vet, and sell stellar technologies that provide both the business-to-business and the business-to-consumer markets with products that enhance our health and physical safety.

“VirExit Technologies, Inc. is changing the way we look at preventing the spread of infection, bacteria, and ultimately, disease,” said Brooke Greenwald, President, Cornerstone Communications, LTD. “There is significant concern about keeping bacteria and viruses out of our lives, long before the onset of COVID-19. The pandemic has clearly changed how we consider transmission and spread of illness and forced us to make changes that companies like VirExit Technologies are fully focused on. Cornerstone is excited to represent an organization with an unparalleled understanding of how we can all make the world a safer place.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Cornerstone Communications, LTD,” said James C. Katzaroff, President and CEO, Poverty Dignified, Inc. “Our goal is to equip as many organizations, and as many consumers, with tools they’ve never had before in the fight against transmissible illness. Our mission is not only to help us return to our normal lives, but to help prevent the future spread of any illness, disease or bacteria which may present a risk to anyone. Our health and technology team vets every product offered in our marketplace to ensure they meet our stringent safety requirements. We selected Cornerstone Communications, LTD because of their experience as their consistently in line with ours.”

Cornerstone Communications has over two decades of experience working with companies such as Poverty Dignified, Inc. across North America and globally. The team of former journalists and social media experts at Cornerstone Communications, LTD understand the complexities of working with a public company that is highly focused on reaching a variety of B2B and B2C verticals.


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