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Corporate Visions Skills Training IP integrated into AI Role Plays

Evidence from new neuroscience studies show AI offers a viable alternative to human role play for providing observable practice and demonstrated proficiency at scale for sales training and coaching.

Corporate Visions, the leader in evidence-based revenue growth solutions, announced the launch of Fluency Coach AI, a brand-new product designed to transform sales training and coaching through an AI-driven role play experience. This innovative solution addresses the long-standing challenge of scaling sales skills training—without sacrificing quality or effectiveness.

Traditionally, sales training and coaching has been labor-intensive, requiring potentially thousands of hours from humans to review practice submissions and offer feedback to sellers. Fluency Coach AI revolutionizes this process by using artificial intelligence to offer rapid and personalized feedback, enabling sellers to refine and perfect new messages and skills in an environment that feels like a real buyer conversation.

“At its core, sales training and coaching is about driving positive behavior change,” said Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer at Corporate Visions. “But the ability to conduct the necessary practice, provide any sort of meaningful feedback, and then run that practice again until a seller hits a level of proficiency, is impossible to scale. It takes too much time and costs too much, so most companies don’t do much of it at all. Not to mention the lack of control over consistency and quality over the humans doing the coaching.”

Fluency Coach AI from Corporate Visions is the first of its kind, where a leading sales skills training company has developed and is offering such a vital tool at no extra charge for the company’s clients. “We believe that practice and proficiency are so important to behavior change and real business impact, it just seems like the right thing to do to include it as part of the overall experience—not try to sell it as an expensive add-on,” Riesterer adds.

To confirm that an AI-powered role play would be a viable alternative to human-run role plays, Corporate Visions’ Chief Science Officer, Dr. Carmen Simon ran two distinct neuroscience studies on actual B2B professionals. The second study was conducted globally, further reinforcing the effectiveness of AI role plays for an international workforce.

“Our studies show that AI-powered coaching is a viable alternative to traditional human coaching, and challenges preconceived notions about AI’s effectiveness in persuasive communication,” Dr. Simon said. “In our study, we did not find that sellers were put off by the AI coach. On the contrary, sellers showed high motivation while interacting with the AI tool, felt less tense when receiving feedback, and learned skills during the experience. In fact, when they were made to believe they were interacting with an expert AI tool (vs. a pilot one), they were less likely to switch to a human-based interaction.”

Fluency Coach AI uses the latest AI technology to provide realistic role plays that mirror actual buyer conversations. This enables sellers to practice crucial sales conversations in a risk-free environment, get tailored feedback based on their performance, and close skill gaps to improve sales fluency. The platform is fully integrated into Corporate Visions’ science-based sales training programs, ensuring that sellers have the coaching tools they need to gain proficiency without additional costs.

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