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Coveo announces new AI and Generative Answering capabilities

More than 15 new advancements strengthen the platform creating a scalable, intuitive and technology-agnostic solution. Advancements future-proof the Coveo Composable AI Search and Generative Experience platform, ensuring its relevance and efficacy for enterprises.

Coveo  (“Coveo” or the “Corporation”) (TSX: CVO) a market-leading platform that enables individualized, connected, and trusted digital experiences at scale with Semantic search, AI recommendations, and GenAI answering, today announced more than 15 new enhancements to the Coveo platform™. These innovative enhancements strengthen the Coveo composable AI Search and Generative experience platform to improve digital experiences across commerce, service, website and workplace to deliver superior business outcomes for enterprises.

“After a decade of enriching our platform to serve forward-thinking global enterprises, we know what it takes to gain a trusted AI-Experience Advantage,” said Laurent Simoneau, President, CTO and Co-Founder of Coveo. “Through our integrated SaaS platform and comprehensive suite of powerful AI and GenAI models, customers are effectively getting a subscription to ongoing innovation. We are constantly innovating to power individualized, trusted, and connected experiences that delight customers and employees while driving superior business outcomes.”

15 innovations to the Coveo platformTM for Commerce, Service, Website, and Workplace use cases, across 4 different categories:

Cutting-edge AI and GenAI models help enterprises deliver the digital experience that customers and employees expect while improving business outcomes

Relevance Generative Answering: Implement secure, enterprise-ready generative answering across your organization today. Generate answers to complex customer and employee queries with this breakthrough capability that respects content permissions, ensures answer freshness and limits hallucinations across commerce, service, workplace and website use cases.

Cold Start Product Vectors: Improve your overall personalization capabilities while helping shoppers discover more products easily. Solve for the cold-start problem by generating product vectors for new and longtail products.

Query Suggestions Automatic Fallback: Increase the chance of visitors avoiding the dreaded zero results page and converting with this new model which automatically displays the last successful set of suggestions.

Extend the value of your platforms and achieve interoperability with connectors and integrations

GraphQL Connector: Achieve seamless site connectivity with this Connector offering a more precise way to request and index information while providing support for headless CMS frameworks including Sitecore, Adobe and more.

Website Connector: Enhance findability on your sites with our improved web connector which includes added features such as crawling rules, web scraping capabilities, and authentication support in a no code / low code manner.

Coveo Cartridge for Salesforce B2C Commerce: Supercharge your Salesforce B2C Commerce storefronts with improved search and AI-powered recommendations. The Coveo cartridge brings AI search, dynamic faceting, optimized listing pages, and relevant recommendations to Salesforce B2C Commerce storefronts. Can be used for both Commerce Cloud Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) and the new Composable Storefront.

Coveo for Salesforce Updates: Maximize your Salesforce investment with new features built on top of a modern UI framework, Coveo Quantic, including: Smart Snippets AI model, Feature Result tag, among others.

Empower business users to build dynamic search, commerce, and agent experiences while leveraging modern UI frameworks

Next-Gen Search Page Builder: Build dynamic, cohesive and intelligent search pages, quickly, easily with no-code. User-friendly interface allows the creation of a new page in just a few clicks.

Next-Gen In-Product Experience (IPX) Updates: Deploy AI Search and Generative Answering across your SaaS-based applications and websites swiftly with IPX. Updates include support for Secured Search, User Context, Quickview, and the ability to leverage Coveo’s new Relevance Generative Answering model.

Multi-Product Badging: Increase conversions and revenue per visitor by easily deploying badging strategies across your site – from product listings and search results to your basket pages.

Hosted Insight Panel (HIP) Enhancements: Keep agents informed in the flow of their work while AI Search and Recommendations augment their ability to serve customers with new features including: Support for Smart Snippets, Viewed by Customer Tag and more.

Self-service Insight Dashboards: Easily report on and show the value and ROI of deployed commerce capabilities with direct access to normalized data.

Reduce time-to-value with full-stack capabilities that help developers build and QA search experiences

Atomic UI Updates: Easily discover, create, share, install, and reuse custom Coveo Atomic components. Developers can also upload custom Atomic Hosted Search Pages to the Coveo Admin Console for quick publishing.

Facet Generator: Surface meaningful results to visitors faster. Automatically generate the most relevant search facets based on a user’s query and based on your indexed content – even with zero traffic.

Relevance Inspector: Help developers and site administrators easily troubleshoot search queries and improve the overall relevance of search results. Inspect query pipelines, rules, ranking score and more. Available for all search interfaces and implementations (ie. Atomic, Headless and JSUI).

New Data Health Overview Dashboard: Ensure your implementation captures suitable data to power AI and GenAI models via the new overview dashboard that provides aggregate and detailed views of events that have failed validation and helps developers identify, prioritize, and correct event analytics integration problems.

Operate confidently with enterprise-grade security and resiliency

Officially ISO 27001 certified: Protect and manage sensitive information, including employee and customer data, financial information, and information entrusted by third parties with Coveo’s ISO 27001 certification.

Active-Active and Five Nines Premium: Experience improved traffic performance and guaranteed uptime for US-based customers with the Active-Active redundancy query path. Additionally, customers desiring 99.999% uptime or five nines can purchase now additional resiliency.

Want to dig deeper into the AI-Experience Advantage with the latest innovations from Coveo? Join the New in Coveo Session that’s right for you. Only 1 hour to get more information on all Coveo’s new features.

  • Website Session on October 18, 2023, 12pm ET
  • Ecommerce Session on October 19, 2023, 11AM ET
  • Service Session on October 24, 2023, 11AM ET
  • Workplace Session on October 25, 2023, 11AM ET

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