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Coveo is a Leader in the 2023 IDC MarketScape Assessment


Coveo (TSX: CVO) the leading provider of enterprise AI platforms that enable individualized, connected, and trusted digital experiences at scale with Semantic search, AI recommendations, and GenAI answering, today announced that Coveo has been recognized as a Leader in the 2023 IDC MarketScape: Worldwide General-Purpose Knowledge Discovery Software 2023 Vendor Assessment (doc #US49988523, October 2023).

“Over the past three to five years, IDC has been observing a fundamental shift as machine learning – and deep learning–driven advances in AI have made their way into most commercial search systems,” said Hayley Sutherland, research manager, Knowledge Discovery and Conversational AI at IDC. “Advances in AI have resulted in significant improvements that are providing many organizations with competitive advantage. Any business that has not yet upgraded to AI-powered search and knowledge discovery risks falling behind.”

The IDC MarketScape highlights several Coveo capabilities and calls out strengths, including:

  • “Prepackaged solutions: Coveo provides strong prepackaged solutions for a wide variety of general-purpose search needs, with other features such as security certifications and integrations with horizontal applications to meet more specific needs.”
  • “Ease of content source integration/management: Coveo provides strong content source management capabilities, and the company’s customers rated it highly for this as well as for overall ease and speed of integration with a variety of data sources.”

“We believe that experience is today’s competitive front line, and the future is business-to-person,” said Louis Tetu, CEO and Chairman at Coveo. “To achieve an AI-experience advantage at scale, enterprises need to have a spinal and composable ability to deliver Semantic search and generative answering experiences throughout every digital interaction. We’re honored to be recognized by the IDC MarketScape. We feel this recognition validates our decade of AI experience and our novel approach to generative answering that helps enterprises securely augment digital experiences for their customers and employees.”

The Coveo PlatformTM and Coveo’s robust suite of AI and GenAI models power individualized, trusted, and connected experiences across every interaction to delight customers and employees and drive superior business results. Coveo’s long-time dedication to search and LLM technology ensures that its latest innovations can be easily implemented across large implementations – with quick time to value. With Semantic search, AI recommendations, and GenAI answering, Coveo transforms the total experience from CX to EX across commerce, service, website, and workplace use cases. Coveo recently announced more than 15 new advancements to the Coveo platform, creating a scalable, intuitive and technology-agnostic solution. Advancements future-proof the Coveo composable AI search and generative experience platform, ensuring its relevance and efficacy for enterprises.

To learn more about Coveo’s unique approach to Generative AI and how Coveo can fit into your search and knowledge discovery strategy, read the IDC MarketScape excerpt.

Want to learn more about Coveo? Join our keynote at KMWorld, “KM Augmented: GenAI + 10 AI Models You Need to Know”, Thursday November 9, 2023 at 12:15pm ET. Or visit us at booth #201.

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