Teikametrics announces SmartACOS

SmartACOS is part of a larger AI bundle which Includes Campaign Creator and Keyword and Targeting Actions

Teikametrics, the leading AI-powered Marketplace Optimization Platform with over $1B+ in annual ad sales optimized, is thrilled to introduce a new Predictive AI product, SmartACOS, as part of a larger bundle of AI tools for Amazon sellers and agencies.


SmartACOS is a multi-channel predictive AI-powered solution that harnesses near real-time data and AI-driven learning to optimize advertising campaigns. Available through Teikametrics’ Managed Edition, SmartACOS harnesses Teikametrics’ enormous dataset and unique predictive AI to recommend SKU level ACOS Targets, minimum and maximum bid boundaries and will soon include the ability to recommend SKU and group level daily campaign budgets. Its features include:

  • Goal alignment and portfolio optimization: The SmartACOS algorithm considers the seller’s business goals and constraints when generating advertising ACOS targets. This ensures that the advertising strategy aligns with the desired outcomes, whether it’s increasing sales, improving profitability, or achieving specific targets like TACOS.
  • Advanced, predictive forecasting: SmartACOS incorporates an advanced forecast model that predicts the impact of changing ACOS targets on clicks, ad sales, and ad spend. This helps advertisers make informed decisions by understanding the potential outcomes of different bid strategies.
  • Near real-time adaptability and scalability: SmartACOS’ algorithm continuously considers changing performance, organic sales performance, and the seller’s evolving strategy and goals to offer adaptive optimization on real-time insights. It is designed to handle large-scale advertising campaigns with thousands of campaigns and ad groups.

“SmartACOS goes so much further than basic rules-based automation. It’s truly predictive AI, anticipating and reacting to the market at breakneck speed, and setting advertising goals based on the full range of inputs, ” said Alasdair McLean-Foreman, CEO of Teikametrics. “As macro economic factors change, as brands grow and scale, and as more advertising campaigns are created, the relationship between a brand’s ads and their business goals become incredibly complex, nuanced, and subject to change. In order to achieve a brand’s advertising goals, they must make rapid adjustments with pinpoint accuracy. SmartACOS can help them do that, and more importantly, help them do that at scale. Customers in our beta program have seen double digit increases in ad sales and total sales while simultaneously seeing double digit decreases in ACOS. This is just one of many AI tools we’ve built and are building to make the process of optimizing marketplace performance easier and more efficient for sellers and agencies alike.”

For more information about SmartACOS from the Teikametrics’ website, click here.

Campaign Creator

Campaign Creator, which is now live in Teikametrics’ Flywheel 2.0 platform, allows users to create bulk campaign structures in minutes using AI. Users can make bulk edits and get a full preview of campaign structure. It gives complete keyword management, with recommended keywords, the ability to manually enter keywords, and negative keyword support. Campaign Creator supports Sponsored Product Ads on both Amazon and Walmart.

Keyword and Targeting Actions

Keyword and Targeting Actions, also live in Flywheel, is a central hub where users can access and manage all keyword and targeting actions for various merchants. It provides clarity and efficiency for advertisers, especially those managing multiple merchants, by presenting a unified view of AI-drive keyword recommendations, and its streamlined workflows can save brands and agencies up to 10 hours per week.

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