Creatio Encourages More Companies to Embrace No-Code Technologies


Creatio, a global vendor of one platform to automate workflows and CRM with no-code and a maximum degree of freedom, today announced an update to its pricing policy (effective as of October 1, 2022) so that more organizations around the globe can enjoy the freedom of owning their automation through no-code. As the no-code market continues to grow at an accelerated pace, Creatio keeps its commitment to evangelizing no-code technologies and driving their adoption. To further support this strategy, Creatio has decided to decrease its minimum initial purchase volume to 2,000 USD. The purchase volume is applied to all Creatio and the Marketplace subscription products. The new pricing is effective as of October 1, 2022. Users will see the changes on respective pages of the Creatio products on the website immediately.

Creatio expects that the new pricing approach will empower more creators to adopt the no-code technologies and will help remove barriers to departmental use in midsize and large organizations. The company believes that this decision will help to advance the industry further and provide needed support to organizations that strive to innovate by digitizing experiences for their customers, partners, and employees.

The continuous focus on evangelizing the no-code approach is also supported by the upcoming release of the No-Code Playbook (scheduled for October 4, 2022). The Playbook is co-authored by Katherine Kostereva, CEO of Creatio, and Burley Kawasaki, a prominent software product executive. The 200-page hands-on guide was built specifically to organize the no-code development process by business-led and fusion teams. The No-Code Playbook helps organizations embrace efficient, lean, and iterative development by empowering non-technical professionals to deploy business applications without deep technical and coding skills.

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