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Crisp announces a partnership with Teads

CPG brands can now measure “shoppability” and return on advertising spend from omnichannel campaigns

Crisp, the open data collaboration platform for brands, distributors and retailers, today announced a partnership with Teads, the global media platform, that puts shelf-level product availability and sales data directly into marketers’ hands. The new forward-looking solution, named Crisp Retail Data, pipes SKU-level sales and inventory data from over 40 retailers into the Teads platform, enabling CPG marketers to proactively optimize their shoppable digital omnichannel media to align spend where their products are available in-store and online. Among the first media platforms to integrate the Crisp solution, Teads is elevating its focus on driving contextual commerce and enabling shoppability for brands.

Crisp’s integration with Teads ushers in a new era of measurability for campaigns. Whereas CPG brands previously relied on “viewability” rankings to determine campaign effectiveness, the new Crisp Retail Data solution empowers marketers with data and enables omnichannel ad campaigns to drive sales. Crisp pushes a daily feed of inventory and sales data into the Teads platform to inform efficient advertising planning and buying. This new integration will allow for shoppable ads while enabling Teads to have store-level data for more effective targeting and dynamic creative optimization capabilities.

“Advertisers expect their campaigns to be more than just ‘viewable’ and as a platform focused on delivering business results, we are committed to creating unique and effective shoppable ad experiences,” said Jeremy Arditi, Co-CEO, Teads. “Integrating product availability and sales data from Crisp directly into the Teads platform means digital campaigns can be more directly linked to business outcomes.”

“The ability to measure whether an advertising campaign – particularly a video campaign – drives sales has long been the missing link for CPG marketers,” said Are Traasdahl, Founder and CEO, Crisp. “This is the first time that Crisp’s data is being used to optimize video advertising. We are excited to partner with Teads to bring unprecedented access to sales and inventory data for CPG brands to finally be able to determine the impact of video ad campaigns on sales performance.”

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