CRM pIatform Insellerate Launches Unique Mobile Solution

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Insellerate, the leading mortgage Lead Management, CRM & Engagement Platform that helps lenders close more loans by increasing efficiency gains across sales, marketing, operations, and management, announces the first-of-its-kind Mobile app.

This ground-breaking mobile app delivers full lead management, lead distribution, click to call, inbound call routing, first call automation, and two-way compliant text messaging and provides access to critical loan information without having to use a laptop or log into their LOS system. It also empowers loan officers by intelligently distributing leads, managing pipelines, prioritizing their day, automating best practices, and personalizing the borrower’s journey all from their mobile application.

“It is critical to provide loan officers with the complete tools they need to engage with borrowers, deliver critical communication and content to close loans remotely,” said Josh Friend, CEO of Insellerate. “We are the first in any industry to deliver a full Lead Management, CRM & Engagement platform into one dynamic mobile application. This app will radically transform borrower engagement while increasing retention and improving conversion rates.”

Built by mortgage professionals, the Insellerate platform has full CRM & Engagement functionality with built-in lead management and automated marketing. Lenders can improve both the borrower and loan officer experience with multi-channel communication, leveraging tools such as phone, SMS text messaging, email, direct mail, and customer monitoring-anytime, anywhere.

Insellerate will be debuting this solution at these upcoming industry events:

August 17th Lykken on Lending Podcast

August 17th CMBA Mortgage Innovators Tech Talk

August 18th CMBA Mortgage Innovators Tech Demo

August 19th Fintech Hunting Podcast

August 24th NEXTSUMMER20 Conference

August 25th Originator Tech Demo

August 25th Insellerate Product Showcase

August 25th CMBA Quarterly Update

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