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Cross-Channel Social Media Benchmark Report: Dash Hudson


New data from Dash Hudson’s highly anticipated Cross-Channel Social Media Benchmark Report has unveiled distinct channel opportunities for brands seeking to optimize their strategies in accordance with the current social media landscape.

Key findings from the report include:

  • A deceleration in follower growth across all major social channels. While growth is waning, the report emphasizes TikTok’s enduring opportunity for marketers, showcasing an impressive average monthly follower growth rate of 8 per cent, which is 11 times faster than Instagram and 7 times faster than YouTube.

  • In addition to its impressive average monthly follower growth rate, TikTok boasts a 31 per cent higher engagement rate compared to Instagram, and an 18 per cent edge over YouTube.

  • Notable shifts in consumer behavior on Instagram indicate a trend toward increased voyeurism and passive consumption. This is substantiated by user behavior, which translates into three times the amount of shares and nearly double the reach on Instagram, compared to TikTok.

  • Growing brand investment in YouTube, evidenced by a marked uptick in posting frequency, with brands posting 33% more YouTube Shorts compared to six months ago.

In addition, Dash Hudson offers Cross-Channel Social Media Benchmark Reports with deep insights across 11 industries, including CPG, Fashion and Luxury, Beauty, Media and Publishing, Retail, Children and Baby, Wellness, Travel, Home, Sports and B2B.

“Our bi-annual Cross-Channel Social Media Benchmark Reports underscore our dedication to empowering brands with actionable insights, enabling them to optimize social media strategies and achieve impactful results,” said Kate Kenner Archibald, Chief Marketing Officer at Dash Hudson. “These reports offer tailored insights into diverse industries, equipping social media managers with the knowledge to stay ahead of trends and engage effectively with audiences across channels. They are an indispensable resource for marketers seeking to drive success in their respective fields.”

Beyond highlighting key trends and opportunities across industries, the report also ranks top-performing brands on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Notable brands featured in the report as top performers include:

  • Only Murders Hulu
  • ESPN College Football
  • HIMYM on Hulu
  • Canva
  • Florence by Mills
  • Alice + Olivia
  • Red Bull
  • Apple
  • Cheetos

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