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nCountR Set to Open “Market Experience” Demonstration Center this Fall

Unlike any other form of advertising, nCountR will help brands and retailers captivate target audiences at pivotal points in the shopping journey

Vericast today announced “nCountR,” the name of the company’s in-store retail media platform, and its accompanying “Market Experience” demonstration center.

Vericast’s nCountR is a digital platform disruptor that helps brands and retailers deliver the benefits of a traditional retail media network, but operating in the physical world where most retail transactions occur. Commercially available later this year, the advertising platform is designed to seamlessly integrate in-store digital programmatic advertising with digital screens, merchandising, data analytics, and measurement technology to create immersive customer experiences on location.

nCountR provides marketers with never-before-available opportunities to reach consumers in previously unreachable locations with new creative formats. It also allows brands and retailers to better utilize retail space near critical points in the physical store, providing new paths to drive revenue growth. The platform helps capture and influence consumers in the final stages of the purchase journey.

“Our research indicates retailers are enhancing the in-store technology footprint to personalize customer experiences,” said Hans Fischmann, vice president and general manager of nCountR. “At the same time, structural shifts in the ad marketplace have turned in-store retail media into a powerful marketing channel. nCountR will empower brands and retailers to engage shoppers at decision time with contextual experiences through fully integrated display technology, measurement, and attribution. This enables marketers to fully track Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).”

Located in Austin, TX, the Market Experience will mimic a grocery store layout with nearly 1,000 square-feet of aisles and store shelving. The mock retail environment allows Vericast and its technology partners to test and certify components as well as demonstrate data analytics and advertising creative formats to marketers in-person.

The Market Experience is designed by Retail Fluent, a retail innovation, design, and decor firm in collaboration with leading technology, data, and IoT companies. Construction is scheduled to be completed this fall.

Last summer, Vericast announced a pilot of nCountR to modernize the retail experience and tap into the digitization of the physical store. Since then, Vericast has expanded to 168,000 total sites, nearly two thirds of which are grocers and convenience stores with access to more than 9 billion impressions.

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