Veeva announces Vault CRM Campaign Manager

Marketing automation with seamless integration to sales drives customer centricity

Veeva Systems (NYSE: VEEV) today announced Veeva Vault CRM Campaign Manager, a new industry-specific marketing application that simplifies and speeds non-personal promotion to healthcare professionals. Vault CRM Campaign Manager lives in the same Vault as Veeva Vault CRM and shares the same customer data, giving sales and marketing the effortless synchronization needed for true customer centricity. Through orchestrated campaigns, marketing users in Vault CRM work side by side with field CRM users, ensuring content is consistently applied and reused.

Features of Vault CRM Campaign Manager include:

  • Campaigns. Users can define a set of campaign actions, such as emails or text messages. Shared assets like email templates, fragments, and landing pages are attached to campaigns, and all activity is tied back to the campaign for compliance and analysis.
  • Segments and Target Lists. Customers can create segments and target lists manually or dynamically. Target lists can be associated with multiple campaigns and can be published for field collaboration. Changes to target lists are tracked and auditable.
  • Mass Email. Mass email capabilities are well integrated with the field team, giving the field instant visibility to and control over emails to key contacts to increase customer centricity.
  • Field Suggestions. Unique to Vault CRM Campaign Manager, campaigns can target field users of Vault CRM by using the Vault CRM suggestions interface to drive field actions and awareness campaigns.
  • Landing Pages. HTML landing pages allow for defined content and inputs, such as event self-registration. Default landing pages enable customers to get started quickly, or customers can customize pages with their branding and logos.
  • Content Builder. Simple drag-and-drop tools create all content types — landing pages, message templates, email templates, and fragments. Defaults are available for all content types, and customers can customize as needed.

“Veeva Vault CRM Campaign Manager is another step toward bringing sales and marketing together for customer centricity,” said Arno Sosna, general manager of CRM products at Veeva. “The simplicity of Vault CRM Campaign Manager finally makes compliant email marketing and campaign management accessible to life sciences companies of all sizes.”

Veeva Vault CRM Campaign Manager will be available in late 2024. Companies can see demos and learn more about Vault CRM Campaign Manager at Veeva Commercial Summit in BostonMay 7-8, or at

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