CRSTL & Cin7 team up to transform CPG inventory fulfillment


Crstl, the modern B2B global commerce network, and Cin7, provider of Connected Inventory Performance through cloud-based inventory management software, today announced a much awaited partnership in the industry, designed to supercharge seamless inventory fulfillment. This pivotal launch will empower mission-critical connectivity between brands, logistics providers, and retailers, driving revenue growth and retailer compliance for brands, logistics providers, and commerce enablement platforms.

With this collaboration, modern brands and logistics providers can seamlessly manage and fulfill their high-volume orders by integrating Crstl with Cin7 Core and Cin7 Omni. The unification of Cin7’s comprehensive inventory management solutions with Crstl’s EDI communication and compliance layer is set to drive significant operational efficiencies and streamline data flows.

“Crstl’s powerful yet simplified automation capabilities, in conjunction with Cin7, can save brands tens of hours a week on manual data entry and reduce errors and penalties associated with manual processes. By automatically generating compliant fulfillment data, compliant invoices, and more, Crstl eliminates the common bottlenecks associated with EDI and systems integrations. This results in smoother operations, enhanced productivity, and accelerated revenue growth for modern brands,” said Dipti Desai, CEO of Crstl.

Furthermore, Crstl’s fully managed onboarding and tech-enabled support services enable brands and logistics providers to effortlessly comply with their trading partners’ unique requirements. This ensures that all EDI communications, transactions, and retailer-specific detailed requirements are handled with precision and reliability, allowing brands to focus on their core business activities without worrying about integration challenges.

“In line with our Intelligent Commerce vision, by partnering with Crstl, we are excited to offer our customers an advanced ability to manage their inventory and fulfillment processes in a more efficient, scalable, and reliable manner,” said Arun Kumar, Global Director, Technology & Strategic Partnerships at Cin7. “The synergy between Cin7’s connected inventory performance capabilities and Crstl’s robust EDI product and platform will provide our users with a seamless, integrated experience that drives growth and operational excellence.”

This strategic partnership underscores both Crstl’s and Cin7’s commitment to empowering brands and logistics providers with the tools they need to succeed in a fast-paced, ever-evolving market. By combining their strengths, Crstl and Cin7 are poised to set a new standard for inventory fulfillment and management in the B2B commerce space globally.

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