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Cuadrilla Capital-Backed Infodesk Acquires Wide Narrow

Strategic acquisition establishes InfoDesk as a leading enterprise insights SaaS platform

InfoDesk, a leading enterprise insights software platform, backed by Cuadrilla Capital, LLC (“Cuadrilla”), a leading enterprise software investment firm, today announced that it has acquired Wide Narrow Holding, Inc. (“Wide Narrow”), a competitive and market intelligence SaaS platform. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

The combined company’s SaaS platform combs through both third-party and first-party data to uncover invaluable insights, provides a collaborative workspace for deep analysis (supported by AI), leverages a cutting-edge UI to rapidly build deliverables, and integrates with the third-party platforms that stakeholders use every day. The result is instant access to relevant insights for key stakeholders to support informed decision making throughout its Global 2000 customer base.

“Our mission at InfoDesk is to provide organizations with the technology to transform workflows and deliver relevant information to the right stakeholders so they can make smarter decisions confidently,” said Tim Whitehorn, CEO at InfoDesk, who previously worked with the Cuadrilla team. “With the proliferation of information and niche tools, companies are struggling to deliver unified, curated insights effectively. Adding Wide Narrow’s cutting-edge user interface and intelligence workflow toolset to InfoDesk’s enterprise intelligence platform provides greater value to our customers and further advances our mission.”

“Merging Wide Narrow with InfoDesk creates an unrivaled insights hub for enterprise organizations by combining InfoDesk’s industry-leading information tools with Wide Narrow’s analysis workflow and reporting suite,” said Anders Bretz and Daniel Petersson, Co-Founders at Wide Narrow. “The synergies are undeniable, and we are excited to continue the journey together with our new colleagues.”

“InfoDesk is leading the insights revolution – the rapid shift occurring throughout enterprise organizations toward unified insights and seamless access to decision support where stakeholders need it most,” said Michael Richards, Co-Founder and Principal at Cuadrilla, and Eric Hinkle, Operating Partner at Cuadrilla and Chairman at InfoDesk. “Our investment, which merges a strong leader in the insights management market with a rapidly growing company in the intelligence software market, reflects our conviction to provide truly comprehensive solutions that help clients increase their competitive awareness, mitigate risks, and confidently make data-driven strategic decisions.”

“The synergies between InfoDesk and Wide Narrow are truly special. For the first time in the history of our industry, companies will have a unified insights hub powered by the world’s leading premium and open data sources, deep analysis tools, and a modern distribution engine providing access to hyper-relevant insights. Customers will have this in an all-in-one cloud-based SaaS platform, without making compromises,” said Jonah Sulak and Vikram Abraham, Co-Founders and Managing Partners at Cuadrilla. “We look forward to supporting the InfoDesk team as they build industry-defining products and drive global growth.”

Massumi + Consoli LLP served as legal advisor to Cuadrilla. Varnum LLP served as legal advisor for Wide Narrow.

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