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Cuber announced general availability of Cuber Generative AI Bots


Cuber Inc, a Silicon Valley-based hyperautomation startup, today announced its general availability of Cuber Generative AI Bots, enabling enterprises with AI-powered digital humans and chatbots for an enhanced customer experience. Cuber’s generative AI bots are built on open standards and a component-driven architecture. They are powered by a low-code environment and designed to resolve service tickets in real-time with AI & Automation, leaving the grunt work to the bots; thereby reducing up to 90 percent in operational costs for enterprises.

Enterprises can leverage Cuber’s Generative AI Bots for:

  • Simplified Support: By deploying automation, self-serve increases up to 90% within the first 30 days of deployment.

  • Faster Ticket Resolution: Enterprises can see seamless transitions between human and digital agents when working with IT and support tickets, providing full situational context. Agent productivity thereby increases by 40 percent or more.

  • Personalized Interactions: By utilizing Cuber’s Generative AI-powered conversations, enterprise customers can experience personalized and engaging conversations that are tailored to their needs. Furthermore, the solution provides improved natural language understanding and the generation of human-like dialogue.

“We’re thrilled to launch Cuber Generative AI Bots empowering customers with our advanced digital humans and hyperautomation solutions,” said Naveen Nimmu, CEO of Cuber Inc. “Cuber’s suite of hyperautomation solutions, including our cutting-edge Generative AI bots, is revolutionizing the efficiency of enterprises and customer engagement. With 24/7 support, seamless task automation, and personalized interactions, our technology is designed to supercharge your business processes that drive valuable ROI at scale.”

Cuber’s Generative AI Bots also seamlessly integrate with ServiceNow, Salesforce Cloud, Dialogflow, AWS and others for a unified customer view and streamlined workflows. Cuber also provides a prebuilt bots marketplace for all your enterprise needs. This announcement showcases Cuber’s growth within the North American market in this age of AI and digital transformation.

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