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Customer Engagement Leader Algonomy Selected by Loop Neighborhood

The US-based Convenience Store Chain will leverage Algonomy to create digital-first experiences & amplify customer loyalty
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Algonomy, the global leader in Algorithmic Customer Engagement solutions, today announced a multi-year agreement with Loop Neighborhood, a US-based convenience store chain, to help deliver hyper omnichannel customer engagement to stay ahead of the market.

Loop, part of AU Energy that operates around 120 stores across California, has reinvented the gas station experience over the last decade. As an all-in-one convenience store and marketplace, Loop offers its customers a wide variety of fresh foods and daily grocery items and targets upscale and discerning customers by offering products that support active and healthy lifestyles.

Algonomy’s solution with built-in retail expertise and algorithmic activation capabilities will enable Loop to engage each customer in real-time with contextually relevant messages based on their behavior and transaction history to create new omnichannel experiences and drive customer loyalty. The solution leverages machine learning algorithms to drive consistent personalization across all channels and throughout the customer journey.

“As we continue to re-imagine and innovate our business model, we’re committed to investing in new-age technology-driven customer experiences. Algonomy’s market-leading AI technology enables personalized marketing campaigns with maximum precision and minimal effort. The solution fits our strategy perfectly and will better position us to meet the needs of our customers in the digital era”, said Pervez Pir, Chief Operating Officer at Loop Neighborhood.

“Loop Neighborhood is an innovator in the C-store segment and is leading the C-store evolution by bringing together contactless shopping, mobile marketing and omni-channel customer engagement to deliver highly personalized and relevant customer experiences. We are thrilled to partner with Loop in accelerating their Digital Transformation journey”, said Sivakumar Hariharaiyer, SVP North America & Europe at Algonomy.

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