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Data Pioneer M Science Launches P1 Pulse

Industry-Leading Solution Provides Merchants, Brands and Manufacturers Answers They Need to Win in the Global Marketplace
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M Science, the pioneer in data-driven research and analytics, announced today the launch of its interactive P1 Pulse solution. This self-service platform provides businesses with the ability to instantly search billions of keywords, gain product insights and understand consumer behavior. Companies can now discover how they measure up against competitors, while increasing their digital presence with the goal of earning the top spot on Amazon.

M Science provides users with a toolkit that includes:

  • Comparable Searches for the brand and its competitors
  • Keywords Discovery from shopper searches
  • Knowledge and Insight regarding where products sit on the Amazon digital shelf
  • Trends and Market Insights to stay ahead of competitors

This complete toolkit is available for 11 global marketplaces including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Australia, India and Japan.

“With access to P1 Pulse, our clients will gain valuable insights that are traditionally very difficult to gauge – such as those surrounding search intelligence and competitors,” said Elizabeth Coleman, Head of Product at M Science. “These groundbreaking insights are key to helping businesses answer meaningful questions on how Amazon is altering shopping habits and providing guidance around market trends and overall category performance.”

This latest offering from M Science presents a critical advantage for ecommerce and Amazon channel managers to gain insight into how shoppers leverage Amazon along the customer journey.

“For many shoppers, Amazon has long served as a default starting point for purchase searches. We’re offering a solution that provides brands a better real-time understanding of these searches, their competitors and, what they need to do to reach Page 1,” said Phoebe Cameron, Senior Analyst, Digital Solutions at M Science.

With P1 Pulse’s interactive and intuitive interface, our clients now have the power to gain valuable insights that will accelerate their decision-making process.

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