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Data360 announces strategic partnership with IQM


Data360, Inc. announces a strategic partnership with IQM to provide healthcare marketers with the largest audience of digital identifiers for 7.7 million healthcare professionals (HCPs) for programmatic advertising activation.

The partnership between Data360 and IQM brings to market best-in-class HCP data mapped to digital identifiers with direct integration into a DSP platform for unmatched accuracy and seamless programmatic activation and campaign targeting.

This partnership allows healthcare marketers to:

  • Abolish the belief that audience reach is limited to the traditional marketplace proffer of only 1.7 million physicians.
  • Significantly increase the quality of audience targeting by now pinpointing the ideal campaign audience with precision, and so maximize reach and impact.
  • Reach medical specialties previously unavailable, including Pharmacists, Optometrists, Nurses, Oncology Nurses, and Respiratory Therapists.
  • Fuel campaigns more effectively by creating custom HCP segments based on intent-based search data layered with NPI Identity.

“We are excited for this partnership because now marketers can reach more healthcare professionals than ever before with any other DSP,” says James J. Miller, President & CEO, Data360, Inc. “Data360 has a dataset of 7.7 million physicians and HCPs that has unmatched volume of personal emails, IP addresses, and mobile IDs. Combine that depth and quality of identity with IQM’s industry-specific DSP platform and we give marketers unprecedented reach to significantly expand audience engagement and omnichannel effectiveness.”

“Our goal is to provide advertisers in the most nuanced and restrictive verticals the ability to reach and connect with their audiences everywhere they consume content,” says Kris Qiu, Chief Executive Officer, IQM Corporation. “Our recent partnership with Data360 helps us achieve this goal by giving healthcare advertisers access to robust NPI data across all specialties.”

While other platforms have ingested NPI data in the past, they were limited to a smaller data universe for reach and measurement. Now that Data360 has partnered with IQM, it’s possible to activate on and measure performance on 7.7 million NPI engagements and across all specialties. “The audience targeting and insight now achievable is incredibly valuable,” explains Miller. “For example, a campaign can reach pharmacists who are actively searching vaccine information online and then report on relevant physician level data.”

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